Le Francaise… toujours vivant!

An ensemble of French-themed activities was held at various schools and levels in observance of French Week (March 15th to 19th). The event was executed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the primary and secondary schools around the island. In light of this, a Francophone Awards Ceremony was held at the Alliance Francaise building on March 31st, 2021.

The event opened with a prayer in French by a student of the Castle Bruce Primary School and the National Anthem by a student of the Wesley Primary School. The event highlighted and awarded long-serving French teachers and contributors to the French language in Dominica.

The recipients of special awards included Ophelia Olivacee Marie, Autisha Paul and Hans Victor. Ophelia Marie is a songwriter and performer, who carves her music from Dominica's French-Creole language. After receiving her award, Ophelia, also known as Dominica's Lady of Song said:

"I am very happy to all of you who love French because you love French, I love you, and I want you to hold on to it the same way that you hold on to Creole which is ours. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they have similar roots, but they belong to us. "

Top performing students who participated in the various events were also awarded at the ceremony. The students competed in various events such as the French Spelling Bee Competition, Waiter's Race, Jeopardy Competition, and Flag Painting Competition.

Jonathan Theophile of the St. Mary's Primary School emerged winner of the French Spelling Bee Competition. He won a cash prize of $500 from Big Edge Financial as well as a trophy and additional prizes from Jays Book Store. Annundy Dieudonne of the Goodwill Primary School captured second place. She received a trophy and gifts complimentary of Jays Book Store and Christline's Touch.

Tyrone Angol of the Tetemorne Primary School placed third and also received prizes from Christline's Touch and Jays Book Store. Jean Nilla Paul of the Coulibistrie Primary School placed fourth and received prizes from Jays Book Store. The students also received cash prizes from the Francophone Commission.

The students also got to compete in competitions like the French Monument Competition, Bun Eating Competition, Kahoot Competition and Francophone Knowledge Competition. Creativity and talent were displayed in competitions such as Most Creative French Hat, Francophone Wear Competition, French Crepe Making Competition and Creative French Flag Competition.

Participating in the event were the Coulibistrie Primary School, Christian Union Primary School, Paix Bouche Primary School and the Goodwill Primary School.

The Castle Bruce Primary School, Roosevelt Douglas Primary School, Wesley Primary School, Savanne Paille Primary School, Tetemorne Primary School and Penville Primary School also observed French Week.

Six Secondary Schools also participated in the observation of French week. This includes the Goodwill Secondary School, Pierre Charles Secondary, Dominica Grammar School, St. Martin Secondary, The Dominica Community High School and the Castle Bruce Secondary School.

Octavia Alfred, Minister of Education was present at the prize-giving ceremony, and said: "I want to thank all the principals and teachers who put their all into the organizing of these activities to help advance this appreciation of the language."