George goes to Venezuela

Amidst chaos in Venezuela, Ambrose George became Dominica's Ambassador in January 2019.

With two "presidents" (one is obviously illegitimate) and with Venezuela currently struggling in the whirlpool of political and social chaos, the Government of Dominica issued its clear-as-day support for one of these presidents- Nicolás Maduro- when Ambrose George became Dominica's new non-resident ambassador to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Maduro accepted George's credentials.

George is the deputy political leader of Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and former cabinet minister in the DLP governments of the late Roosevelt Douglas, late Pierre Charles and then Roosevelt Skerrit until George lost his Roseau South seat in the 2014 general elections.

"Oseyi and the Masqueraders" delights

Short and sweet. That was an apt description of Alwin Bully's latest film "Oseyi and the Masqueraders", a 29 minute presentation of Colihaut's famous style of masqueraders called the Bann Mové presented at the Alliance Française. The show began with a lively display of masked, whistle-blowing, drum-beating, and colorfully dressed masqueraders.

Dice wins crown nine

Winning one crown is great; twice may be coincidence; three times is undoubtedly a habit. But nine times? Whatever you do nine times is fixed in your psyche, is part of your DNA, and is running through your blood.

That's the only way to explain the enigma that is Dennison "Dice" Joseph who indelibly inscribed his name in the history of Caribbean Calypso when he won the Calypso King crown for the ninth time, at the Windsor Park Stadium forecourt at carnival 2019.

Brightly shines beautiful Sol

School Teacher Marisol "Sol" Maya John became Miss Dominica 2019 when she won the Miss Dominica 2019 pageant. Thorough 2019 Dominicans gazed in wonder at her gifts so rich and wonderful. But here are the facts first. Marisol Maya John , a 20-year old Convent High School (CHS) teacher, the daughter of dentist Dr. Idaline John and Victor John, was crowned Miss Dominica 2019 from a field of five contestants at the Windsor Park Stadium forecourt on March 1, 2019.

Janae Jackson wins DOMFESTA song contest 2019

From a field of ten competitors, Janae Jackson won the 2019 DOMFESTA Song Contest held on Saturday June 1 at Windsor Park Stadium forecourt. She won the top prize of EC$5,000. In second place was Webster "Web" Marie and Nicole Alfred of Castle Bruce came third.

Wii Papa Creole avec Mama Creole!

Cadence-lypso Giant Gordon Henderson celebrated his 50th Anniversary with a Big "Festival Papa Creole" in Dominica in 2019; he followed a similarly massive show during which Dominica's Lady of Song, Ophelia Maria, observed her 40th. The "Mama Creole" show featuring Ophelia was held on the Mother's Day weekend.

Dominica's Champion of Road Marches

There's a Dominican calypsonian, Charles "Sour-Sour" Isaac, who has dedicated his life to composing hits for "de road". And at the 2019 carnival season, Isaac again captured the Road March crown, a title earned for the song played most by the dancing and prancing groups and gangs during Monday and Tuesday carnival street parade. His 2019 hit song: "My Brother Took My Grinder".

Keara Gardier tops 2019 Grade Six National Assessment

It's difficult to tell the more emotional, parents are or students, after the first five places of the Grade Six National Assessment Examinations (GSNAE) are announced. Everyone cries with joy, as if they had just won a billion dollar lottery.

"I feel very surprised and I'm emotional right now," said Keara Gardier of the St. Martin's school who place first in the "assessment", an examination that heralds the beginning of the new secondary school year. Every primary school student goes to secondary school because of the government's universal secondary school policy but the top students of the GSNAE receive scholarships and bursars. And the first five are treated as if they had won Olympic gold.

The other members of the top-five, announced by the Ministry of Education on Thursday last week, were: Shantay Avril of the Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist (SDA); Khobie Darroux and Kamal Peter of the Convent Preparatory and Jenay Lawrence of the St Martin Primary School.

Hurricane Maria Film Premieres at Emerald Movies

Emerald Movies premiered locally-made documentary "Uncivilized" to rave audiences from September 18th, the anniversary of Hurricane Maria. Uncivilized, by filmmaker Michael Lees, is the story of a young man who sets off to the forest in search of the simple life of "uncivilized" man; but when Hurricane Maria strikes, his project takes on new meaning as the entire country is sent back to primitive living.

Bishop Gabriel Malzaire ordains Haitian

The "Priesthood is a dangerous place," said Bishop Gabriel Malzaire as he ordained Haitian Frantzo Simbert to the priesthood. Simbert migrated to Dominica 12 years ago and made here his home while giving his life to the mission of the church.

"Welcome to the order of the priesthood," said Bishop Gabriel Malzaire as he began the four-hour priestly ordination ceremony of Deacon Frantzo Simbert on Sunday July 7th at the Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral Chapel.