It was that distinguished consultant and counselor for small business, Dr Basil Springer, who recently wrote that "as a senior practitioner in the business consulting field, one of my most gratifying experiences is the shepherding of young entrepreneurs. Many of them are full of ideas and innovations, willing to work hard to generate business growth, tuned into social media, and , of course, up-to-date with technology."

Importantly, most young people are willing to work SMARTER (if not necessarily HARDER…) on the journey to improve themselves and their country, That is what Dominica needs as we come together in REBUILDING DOMINICA BETTER.

A quote (I think from Lyman Bryson…) is appropriate here: "The error of youth is to believe that education is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe experience is a substitute for education". So true! And what Basil also stresses is that the combination of youthful energy and seasoned experience produces synergies which can conceivably transform the world! Youth and maturity have a better chance at success when working TOGETHER.

In trying to be more "internet smart", I was recently introduced to this website: The "Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) website which emphasizes that "STEAM " is EASY and FUN to be a part of. Its slogan is "FUNctional Literacy for All". Interestingly, the STEAM motto is "Education provides the framework used for connecting the growing network of educational disciplines, businesses and communities to create adaptable citizen-involved, globally-responsible, reality-based programs for developing life-long FUNctional literacy for all.

It is as good a definition as any for the ultimate goal and value of learning at any level and at any period in life. More so, when young and when the nation we call home is REBUILDING from a national disaster!