After months of rising death tolls across the world, many collapsing economies, activity restrictions and fears of falling ill, Dominicans are showing that they are eager to be immunized.

Within the first week of the Government vaccine roll out which commenced on February 22, 2021, more than 6,000 residents on island have gotten jabbed and for various reasons at that.

Here are some of the voices and faces behind those numbers sharing their decision to take the vaccine, the experience and their message to those who are still hesitant.

Brenton Hillarie:

"One of the reasons I took it was to be an example to others. I know that a lot of people were skeptical, so I believe that in showing them that I could do it would also influence them to do it as well. One day 2, my body felt sluggish and I slept a lot. On day 3, I am already starting to feel like my normal self. To my fellow Dominicans, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our family, our friends, our colleagues and passersby.

Emila Andrea:

"I took the vaccine because I am 62 years and I heard according to health officials the elderly supposed to take it because we are in the high-risk category. I don't have any sickness but to protect myself I took my vaccine because I am not taking it for other people. After taking it I still feel very vibrant.

Robert Fountain:

"As one who is always travelling I believe that I needed to take the vaccine to protect myself and travel again. I feel no side effects. I understand a lot of Dominicans are hesitant, but I just want to encourage them to go do it to end this fight against this virus."

Ambrose Aubrey:

"So many persons are taking the vaccine, all over the world. If something bad was to happen I believe it would already. After 15 minutes of taking the vaccine, I still feel good. Many people don't want to take it out of fear. While I cannot tell people what to do, I want to encourage them to take care of their health. Don't wait until it's too late".

Kent Garraway:

"I took it because I don't want to get the virus. After an hour of taking it, I feel really dizzy, have bad back pain and headache, but I'm hoping I will feel better when I get home. I want everyone to take the vaccine so things can return to normal. I am fed up with always having to wear a mask."


"As a front line worker I felt the need to take the vaccine. I have felt no side effects and feel the same way as I did when I walked in. I would tell those who are still questioning it to come and get it because we are too naive here in Dominica."


"If wealthy nations insist on a vaccine nationalism" approach, then many other countries like Dominica won't be able to access them. In such a scenario, many of the crippling economic and travel restrictions that we all desperately want to see lifted would have to remain in place.


"Seeing that we only have fifty thousand vaccines here on the island I was afraid that it might run out so that's the reason I took it. After taking it I must say that I felt very sick, I was told to take some paracetamol and the next morning I felt a little bit better, the aches carried on throughout the day, but by day two I'm back to normal. To my fellow Dominicans, if you wish to have things return to normal then here's your chance."


One thing I would urge you to do is make sure you don't let that fear turn into the possibility that you would avoid the vaccine because I think it's important."


"While I was a bit hesitant in taking it, my logic was that I prefer to take the Indian vaccine over the Chinese vaccine. So that's one of the reasons why I took it. The night after I took it I regretted it a bit because the body pain wasn't easy. But I feel better now."