We want all Dominicans at home and abroad to know that we care. We care about the wellbeing of our fellow citizens. That is why we in the Dominica Freedom Party are doing what we are doing! We have been sharing a message of love and hope. We want all to share in the gift of love that the heavenly Father has bestowed on all humanity. Let us all as Dominicans allow that gift to so grip our hearts that we in turn would share that love with others, not only at this time of year when we celebrate goodwill on earth, but also throughout 2018 and the coming years as we seek to shape our common destiny. We urge all to work for our common best interest, because that is what love does. We do have a long way to go to create a nation that is prosperous, equitable, safe, peaceful, tranquil and attractive to our young people, but our best chance of getting there will be when we all decide to do the right thing not matter what. Doing the right thing involves embracing and protecting our democratic ideals. Doing the right thing involves refusing to engage corruptly, not even in small ways. Doing the right thing involves refraining from misleading people. Doing the right thing involves doing business honestly. Doing the right thing involves standing against injustices, even when there is a chance that we may be victimized. But only love can cause us to do the right things, and we can all submit to love and make this Christmas truly meaningful.

With integrity as our highest standard, we in the Dominica Freedom Party are assembling a team that will serve our people well and bring hope! In this coming year we will reveal more of our team. Our gift to the nation is that we offer ourselves to serve all Dominicans equitably, irrespective of their political or religious affiliations. We will continue to embrace the diaspora and deepen our dialogue with them as we seek to garner the best ideas for nation building. We continue to commit ourselves to being a Political Party that Dominicans can trust. We are assembling a capable team that understands what it takes to move our country forward; one that is not self-serving; and one that is willing to demonstrate the kinds our behaviours and attitudes that we need to embrace as a nation as we seek to create a society that is kind and caring.

As we come to the close of the year 2017, the Dominica Freedom Party wishes all Dominicans, both those at home and those abroad - a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Even if the passage of Hurricane Maria in September of this year has severely affected our lives, let us still be thankful for the opportunity to reshape our path! We truly believe that with love in our hearts we can create an amazing nation. Let us have that hope.

Political Leader Kent Vital