I love her still!

By Leandra Lander

Her roads are often narrow and bumpy too, slightest rain forces all into a crawling queue They wind and bend into a nauseating thrill But let me tell you, I love her still.

Some of her daughters are boisterous and loud. Sure to sell you out in any crowd. Her sons will persistently 'ssstttt' you to their stomachs fill But let me tell you, I love her still.

Taxes compete with her mountain tops Pests and weather molest her verdant crops. You play hide-and- seek with mosquitoes in fear of getting ill But let me tell you, I love her still.

No oil or diamonds to her name Or not yet, bolting athletes to bring us Olympic fame. Gossip blows from the plain to the peak of the hill Garcon! I love her still.

Salaries are at their fetal stage Political annoyance on every newspaper Young men on the street side squandering their skill But, you know, I love her still.

No magazine beaches lined with white sand I get breathless trekking this rugged land Youngsters listening to hip hop rather than quadrille, Sad! But I love her still.

Water and light go when they please Never mind you paid your utility fees When the bill comes though you might need a pressure pill
I Bondyé!!! I love her still!

No trains. Just the whole village cramped into a mini-bus with the usual drunkard always on the verge to cuss, After he's drunk many-a-whisky gill Amusingly, I love her still.

Help. me. Please. Everything is soooo slow. No traffic lights to tell me when to stop or to go. Ma'am, two limes for a five dollar bill? That's okay! I tell you I love her still.

No fancy skyscrapers just towering gommier trees Swimming pools replaced by the Caribbean Seas No neon lights or celebrity frill That can't make me not love her still.

The neighbours are nosy; from shifting curtains; you can tell!!! But to help you, they'd move heaven and hell The claw of drugs stifle communities like my dear Charlotteville But it's my home; Why shouldn't I love it still?

She's simple and silent and oh so quaint Beauty in her imperfections ruptures without restraint I don't need no fast life, I just want to chill For that, you have to love her still!

Even with every curve and twist and brokenness She's perfectly flawed and abundantly blessed In every raindrop, God's goodness spill After my last breath, Aye Domnik, I'd love you still.

Bosom Buddy

By Ian Jackson (Tribute to ace DJ/ Announcer) (Its one twenty six, no trick, time to play some hits, on the list, for some beautiful Dominican chicks, doing a course in St Kitts) A radio icon if ever there was one You were the one we carried Daley along When no T.V or I pad was a round You evoke smiles where there were frowns As soon as 5.95 was clicked on Oh bosom buddy!

Your misplaced adjectives, in many a sentence Sometimes made no sense But for your listeners it did not matter The joy you brought, with your trade mark laughter Making hearts and burdens lighter You bosom buddy

Saturday nights on drive time You keep playing on your fans minds A reassuring voice from disc to disc Sometimes punctuated with sporting statistics From the Birdie Sparrow to Bob Marley Yesteryears oldies to Luke Dube Telephone numbers, recollections so easy Like vehicle plates all etched in your memory Our bosom buddy

And when the country is faced with gloom You always had a cure, a special tune To life spirits high above the tide Your rhyme schemes gliding by in busses, at homes, for workers and housewives. Your well coined Ted-a –props (Malapropism) Became music to our ear And so these sentiments we all share " I doe want to go to bed, I want to listen to Ted instead!"

The poems above represent the two top place winners in this year Independence Poetry Competition. However it is 2007 Carnival Queen, Miss Carival, Miss Jaycees Caribbean and Miss Caribbean Culture Queen; Miss Leandra Lander who over the past few years have been making a serious name for herself nationally through her work as Director of the Convent High School Chorale Speech, Sign Language Club and assistant choir director at a school who has won several awards during her stewardship.

Miss Lander is also president of the prestigious Sisserou Singers apart from her involvement in several choirs in her church. She has recently won several accolades in literary arts as well, one of her pasttimes. As a youth, she must be encouraged for her tremendous work and dedication. So, I thought I would highlight her work as the future. Even as persons like me fade into the background, I am proud that there is continuity in the literary arts even as persons such as Alwin Bully, Anthony Lockhart, Arundel Thomas laid the foundation for persons of my era. Trust you enjoyed her patriotic piece as I did "I still love her" and my poem dedicated to Bosom Buddy ,Ted Daley.