• Wadix as MC at Papa Creole show awards ceremony

    Here are two of Dominica's best DJ's

    Wadix and Dr. Miguel are two DJ's that have elevated themselves from merely being just spinners of disc as in the old days of the Ted Daley's or BaBa's or ...

  • Fitzroy Williams, right, and Gordon Henderson performs at the Papa Creole show

    Papa Creole!

    Well, many of us won't see it again, this once-in-a- lifetime event where three icons grace a Dominica stage each observing half a century of music. In fact it won't ...

  • Asa Bantan- Best Male Artiste of the Year

    Doing it solo

    At one time music was all about bands; the Exile's , Grammax's, Groovers', Stars and Belles, to name a leading few. At one time one would think that our musical ...

  • Arundel Thomas

    Writer's block

    Two weeks ago ended a three-part series on the rise and fall of literature in Dominica and heralded were Edward Sobie Lawrence, Jean Rhys, Ralph Casimir, Dr. Lennox Honychurch, Phyllis ...

  • Helenia Darroux receives her prize from Royer, WhoOosh president

    More than words

    DOMFESTA painting exhibitions still demonstrate some of the best is to be found on island as I witnessed a couple weeks ago at the Old Mill Cultural Centre. I am ...

  • Ophelia Marie at the Mama Creole show press conference

    Mama Creole Sizzles

    Bravo to Ophelia and show organiser Wadix for an entertaining weekend at the Strip. Even as great as the artiste's performance was the behavior and discipline of a predominantly mature ...

  • Ophelia performs at Creole in the Park in 2005

    Let us Recognize the Notre Dame of Song

    Yes, in case you did not know, Notre Dame is French for "Our Lady" or "Our Mother" as in the Blessed Virgin Mary. So it's no wonder that the Christian ...

  • Ultra Band performs at Creole in the Park 2016

    Sound Engineering: What are we doing to improve?

    As far as I can recall not even one young person has been offered a scholarship far less encouraged to do sound engineering as a vocation. Sure we have about ...

  • Raymond Lawrence, SAH, played basketball with Dominica Grammar School in the late 1960s

    The Voice

    Yes, indeed there are those who are born with it and we must listen when they talk. It has nothing to do with charisma or style or good looks; it's ...

  • Two great Dominican musicians: Nasio,right and Jeff Joseph

    Nasio and Calypso a Must for WCMF 2019

    It's been a cry, seemingly unheeded, since no clarifications have been given to explain why Dominica's premier Reggae artiste, and one of the world's greatest, is yet to grace the ...

  • Dada Lawrence, music producer

    Famalay lay, lay, lay

    'Famalay'-a song written and performed by Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano from Trinidad and Tobago and Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been breaking record views across ...

  • More Colihaut Ban Move

    Ash in the Mas

    In his January 2019 article entitled "A Brief History of Carnival in the Caribbean" Christopher Curley acknowledges that Carnival has mixed roots of African culture and Catholicism