• Raymond Lawrence, SAH, played basketball with Dominica Grammar School in the late 1960s

    The Voice

    Yes, indeed there are those who are born with it and we must listen when they talk. It has nothing to do with charisma or style or good looks; it's ...

  • Two great Dominican musicians: Nasio,right and Jeff Joseph

    Nasio and Calypso a Must for WCMF 2019

    It's been a cry, seemingly unheeded, since no clarifications have been given to explain why Dominica's premier Reggae artiste, and one of the world's greatest, is yet to grace the ...

  • Dada Lawrence, music producer

    Famalay lay, lay, lay

    'Famalay'-a song written and performed by Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano from Trinidad and Tobago and Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been breaking record views across ...

  • More Colihaut Ban Move

    Ash in the Mas

    In his January 2019 article entitled "A Brief History of Carnival in the Caribbean" Christopher Curley acknowledges that Carnival has mixed roots of African culture and Catholicism

  • Dada Lawrence

    Calypso: Put Your House in Order

    It will happen; it's just a matter of time. How long? One decade possibly is my prediction before Bouyon completely overhauls Calypso and then it will become merely a staged ...

  • Dice, right, and Pat Aaron at the end of a Calypso Finals

    Calypso, respect and pageants

    Congratulations to all winners of Mas Domnik 2019 shows with especial the nine-time Monarch, the Dice. He is now in position number two in the region after Antigua's Short Shirt ...

  • Observer performs at the 2009 Calypso Finals

    Kaiso, running with eyes open: A review of the Calypso ...

    Intruder's perennial persistence and his success at making the semis in 2019 after over two decade since he produced "Pull string" and "Cellular Phone" serves as a yardstick or measurement, ...

  • Wucksup

    The Kaiso Effect

    He hears the announcement on radio stations and it just jolts him as the decision he made last year- "I want to sing Calypso'. There are many things on his ...

  • Pelam Jno Baptiste, left, Pat Aaron

    New year-old challenges

    Calypso is the event which takes centre stage as we begin the New Year and so there was a scramble for songs even when no calypsonian or prospective calypsonian, even ...

  • De Nacheal performs at Junior Monarch competition

    Judging Calypso in 2019

    No one can and should underestimate the role of judges in the Calypso art form, to be treated with such little importance as seems to be the case by the ...

  • Benji of Triple Kay

    Best of the Best

    Hi fans of Spotlight, it's Best of the Best again as far as the arts is concerned and we start with the literary arts. The only novel published on the ...

  • Books on display at the Roseau Primary School library

    Last Chapter, Book Close!

    A country with only one bookstore; two weekly newspapers; where panel discussions and socio-political debates are almost non- existent; where Jaycees, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs can't get leaders in one ...