Ever since Maria some people never smile

So I bringing relief to them in a calypso style

Seems like d storm come turn everything upside-down

Now everyone who used to smile all they do is frown

But you know we're much stronger than that

Every black man knows and every Kalinago

We have been through much worse and bounce back

Is when I walk to town I see how Dominicans strong

I see a man with mattress on head

In his hands a foot and a bed head

I see a lady with two pails of water

On she shoulder she have a little daughter

I see a boy with some beans upon his back

And two pail of pig tail to go with that

And if you see where them people had to pass

Another day they would say I caah do that

Ever since Maria like some people lost their mind

And If you catch them in a funny act

they don't seem to care or mind

It seems like d hurricane gone with all that makes sense

And strongest winds ever blow away wi conscience

Still I know we're much stronger than that

We always stand tall when our backs are against the wall

We have come from the darkest of darks So all them things that going on I kno is not for long

I see some ladies in their birthday suit

Bend down in d river looking cute

I see a cow ontop a Domlec pole

Wonder if he study that in school

A police who should serve and protect

See him running with a tv set

And if you see de hole where de man pass

Not even a rat can pass in that

Ever since Maria boy too much loss and heartache

Some of us can't cope some just cannot catch a break

What do you tell someone who lost all but their life?

What kind of motivation will they ever find?

Still I kno we are much stronger yet

The journey of one mile begins but with a step

And as long as we have life and breadth

And we keep on treading on there'll be better days to come

Some Dominicans leave and run away

Guess they'll get to fight another day

Some walking around here and there

With hands in de air like 'sa pou feh'

All my Haitian people still around

They had market all around d town

They tell me tell one week after d storm I was d only Chinaman in town

Written and performed by Jude Delauney (JayDee)