Nathalie Clarke
Nathalie Clarke

Trinidadian Natalie Clarke has become as Dominican as crab and callaloo. Both are loved and warm; both a large part of the national party scene- from carnival to the World Creole Music Festival.

Now that she has said goodbye to the Dominica Festival Committee (DFC) Clarke is saying hello to Kairi FM.

As she leaves the DFC, Clarke says it has been a truly great experience in the position of Events Coordinator.

Speaking to the SUN in an exclusive interview the first since news official news broke of her impending departure, Clarke said: "Coming to the Commonwealth of Dominica was always on my bucket list and when the opportunity came to be of service in one of my passions EVENTS...I decided to go for it. 2010 to 2014 have been one full of interesting challenges; however, it was a journey I would do all over again because it was worth it."

She continued: "Where to next? Stepping right back into my media and marketing vibe...worked with Observer Group of Companies for more than ten years ... I'll be on island and I will certainly be around. Change is something I love. Never afraid to pick up something new and always willing to help and support in the back of house where I am most comfortable. June 12th you'll know exactly where I am.

Blessings to everyone and keep taking your mind, body and soul to the next level by setting your personal and professional bar higher as my inner mantra still stands: "it is God who establishes my boundaries and my habitations and I say Father lead on!"

The Events Coordinator said thank you to the Cabinet of Dominica, the DFC and Discover Dominica board; however she was full of praise for the staff that she has worked with for the past 4 years.

"How could I not mention Jeff Joe, God rest his soul along with Wadix Charles and Nikima who understand the marketing and promotional aggression one has to take on when seeking to get your event product out there ... it was really special working along with you all...( she then burst into tears)

"To the village councils and cultural groups who always came out I will perhaps be able to now join in the fun as opposed to stay on the outside checking lists in the back of house domain...thank you for making my job a pleasure even on the hard days and nights because you gave me the pleasure of your creativity and the distant voices of my African ancestry in full view. Total food for my soul, thank you".

In a very emotional interview, Clarke also expressed gratitude to the service providers who she said "felt the lash of my tongue when we were out of timeline and over budget yet witness the beam on my face, hugs and love when things got done in the correct manner...I say a huge thank you for bearing with me."

In an earlier statement, Tourism Minister Ian Douglas said Clarke has made a tremendous contribution in terms of logistics, preparation and execution of the events.

"You saw the quality of the events that we have put on during the last two years that she joined us. She will certainly be missed for her dedication and focus. She is a very disciplined woman; she is good at what she does and she came with a lot of experience and energy and has worked very well with the staff. You could see the team work in all of the events that were executed and we intend to certainly keep the standard that was achieved under her leadership," Douglas said. "We will also do some head hunting because we will want the best because these events are some important to the scheme of things in Dominica. We cannot afford to slack on carnival, the WCMF or any of the events and we just need to succeed in the scheme of things."

DFC is responsible for the logistics associated with the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF), carnival, Jazz & Creole and a few other smaller events that happen annually.