Secret Bay Hotel in Portsmouth
Secret Bay Hotel in Portsmouth

The mysterious Andrew Harper has been travelling the world incognito since 1979, staying in some of the world's finest hotels. From his findings, he publishes the Hideaway Report, which profiles the world's finest luxury places to stay. The reviewer always pays his (or her) way, and never declares that they are there to review. Honesty and integrity is guaranteed. For travellers seeking the best of the best, it is something of a bible.

Which is why we were delighted to be told this January that Secret Bay is one of only two hotels in the Caribbean to be given a Grand Award for 2015. Andrew Harper said Secret Bay is 'the first truly upscale property' in Dominica, that the 'architecture is breathtaking', and that our 'food was delicious, among the best we have had in the Caribbean'. They added that they loved our 'unfailingly helpful staff' and 'sublime view'.

Considering that Harper has probably seen more luxury hotels than anyone else alive today, we were honoured to know he was so impressed with all we have done.

About Andrew Harper :Free of hotel advertising since its inception in June 1979, Hideaway Report is a private monthly publication for sophisticated travelers. The selection of hotels, resorts and restaurants for inclusion in this publication is made on a completely independent basis, with Andrew Harper LLC paying full rate for all meals, lodging and related travel expenses. Andrew Harper and his editors travel incognito to write candid travel reviews for a subscription service, which provides personalized travel-planning assistance, bespoke tours and valuable travel privileges to its subscribers. For more information, visit

About Secret Bay: Tucked away on the unspoilt nature island of Dominica, Secret Bay is a boutique getaway experience offering sustainable luxury villas. Situated on a cliff-top overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Secret Bay is unique in its diversity. In these beautifully-designed properties enjoy fresh local organic food, endless adventures on your doorstep and healthy rejuvenating living in harmony with nature. Secret Bay is a sustainable development with an ongoing commitment to the protection of this precious land and to the local community.