Jo Anne Felix-Seraphin
Jo Anne Felix-Seraphin

Jo Anne Felix-Seraphin was awarded The Manager of the Year at the renowned Ritz Carlton recent GALA Ceremony held over the Easter weekend in St. Thomas.

The event attended by over 300 workers and guests also saw Felix-Seraphin being awarded the best dressed in the category and was the popular choice in both categories.

During the four quarters of 2014-2015 Felix-Seraphin had won Manager of the Quarter twice.

Ritz Carlton is one of the worlds' most prestigious and leading residence tourist destination and Felix -Seraphin rose quickly up to the ranks from executive secretary of the board of directors to manager of housekeeping and now manager of front desk.

She attended the Concord Primary, St. Andrews High School and the Dominican State College where she was awarded top prizes in the various subjects; she then attained a Bachelor's Degree/ Magna Cum Laude from the University of The Virgin Islands and a GPA of 3.8 in a MBA programme at Phoenix University.

Felix-Seraphin is the daughter of former prime minister 0.J. Seraphin. Her early training at the family-owned Floral Gardens Hotel prepared her in her current position at Ritz Carlton.