Parts of Bailey Bridges are being unloaded
Parts of Bailey Bridges are being unloaded

Four bailey Bridges are to be installed, three of these within ten days.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said today that one of the bridges will be constructed at Pointe Rounde by Friday; another at Batalie by Tuesday and the third at Macouchrie by 25th February.

A date for the construction of fourth bridge assigned to Boetica has not been decided because "more detailed survey works is required" said Skerrit.

But the engineers are giving this aspect of the reconstruction much attention because Delices and Boetica are still inaccessible.

"This is a priority for the area, priority to the country," Skerrit said.

Bailey Bridges as you see here are made of specific lengths of metal; they can be bolted together without the use of heavy equipment.