The article's second part completed the presentation on Dominica's 2021 3x3 Grand Finals and began presenting the Rules which govern 3x3 games. The article concludes below.

3x3 Rules (Ctd):

*Further, in the event that the scores are tied at the end of regulation time, the game would go into overtime and the first team to score 2 points during that extra time would be the winner.

*Games are played with one or two referees, assisted by Table Officials (including a shot-clock operator).

*A shot made from inside the 3-Point arc is valued at 1 point, and for a successful attempt from outside the arc the team receives 2 points. One point is awarded for a successful Free Throw.

  • A player cannot foul out through 'regular' fouls. He/she fouls out only if charged with 2 Technical Fouls, or 2 Unsportsmanlike Fouls, or 1 'Technical' and 1 'Unsportsmanlike'.

There are also rules pertaining to the number of Team Fouls committed by a team.

DOMINICA'S 3x3 EFFORTS ADVANCING: Dominica's 3x3 movement is bearing fruit. Not only moving from Lindo Park to the Bay Front to the Windsor Park Stadium Forecourt, but also ascending in world rankings. According to the Coordinator, "In 2019 Dominica ranked 149th out of 213 countries worldwide. We have managed to climb the ladder to 120th in 2021 within such a short space of time, even within this COVID-19 pandemic."

The 29 places that Dominica climbed in the rankings also manifests in the tremendous growth that we have seen in the number of players and teams participating in local tournaments. The DABA has been very pleased to see the level of interest displayed by players, supporters and sponsors with regards to 3x3 Basketball, it being a relatively new version to the sport on island.

Francis-Lynch also disclosed that Dominica is already eligible for FIBA's 2022-3x3 season. Qualifications were based on three criteria: (a) having a minimum of three FIBA-sanctioned tournaments prior to the term ending 2021, (b) conducting a 3x3 E-Learning course, and (c) having a certified 3x3 Coordinator.

She noted further that "3x3 has shown to provide many opportunities for players and countries. This version of competitive basketball is now an Olympic sport and having tournaments increases rankings, which will qualify Dominica for FIBA tournaments. This can be an avenue to many qualifiers regionally and internationally and the next stop would be the Olympics."

For the records, in February 2020 Dominica participated in its first 3x3 Tournament when four young men, viz. Troy Brookes, Kimel Dodds, Shamar Felicite and Jayquan Hamilton, accompanied by DABA's Public Relations Officer traveled to Guadeloupe to meet up with DABA's 3x3 Coordinator to compete in the FIBA Antilles IBF (International Basketball Foundation) Under-18 3x3 Hoops Tournament. Kimmel was voted MVP of Team Dominica.

"Regular" Basketball – Still with Us? Questions have been asked by many concerned members of Dominica's basketball fraternity as to what will happen to 'traditional' basketball as most of us know it, which has been played competitively on Dominica for over 50 years now, and on which the DABA was founded.

Raymer made it abundantly clear that DABA is "not moving away from 5v5 basketball", but that 3x3 can allow players to be scouted on the international stage for better opportunities. The Association's goal, she says, is to continue the development of 3x3 basketball in Dominica and build up our ranking so as to award players with the opportunity to play basketball outside of Dominica.

The DABA, particularly the 3x3 Committee thanks the many persons who have assisted the Association from the inception of the movement to current. To the players, DABA informs that they will continue to work and find opportunities for them. The only way we are moving is forward!

And when asked whether DABA plans on holding 3x3 Tournaments annually in the future the Coordinator indicated that the association is committed to hold as many events as possible, annually. However, in light of COVID-19 many sports – including basketball – are prohibited for the time being. But focus is being placed on getting players vaccinated in order to resume the playing of basketball.

Remarks: 3x3 is here to stay, with Dominica soon engaging other countries and 3x3 events being a regular feature on Dominica's annual sporting calendar. Dominica's basketball fraternity, including the media will be looking forward to the first and other 3x3 competitions for 2022.

Jump Ball says SPECIAL THANKS to DABA's Mrs. Raymer Francis-Lynch and Peter Ricketts who jointly provided most of the information for this article.

So, the next time that you participate in or are a spectator of a 3-3 game, think beyond the boundaries of the court to the 3x3 version of the sport.

In Photo: STANDING (L-R): Raymer Francis-Lynch, Jayquan Hamilton, Kimmel Dodds (MVP), Shamar Felicite

STOOPING: Troy Brooks