Senior citizens at an earlier function
Senior citizens at an earlier function

An art form like Calypso can be so effective in conveying messages and influence change that I am moved this week to publish the composition below to highlight the plight of our elderly.

It hurt and troubled me when I saw the length of time it took for the elderly to finally have a home to call their own from a national perspective. Yes, there are private entities like PHARCS and CALLS but it's always wonderful to see the Grotto Home and even institutions like the Infirmary catering to the needs of our senior citizens.

Still, this 2016 composition performed by Calypsonian Janae did not get any airplay even when its relevance is so obvious when we observe international days of the elderly. The comment has been made that the world Calypso Monarch, Sparrow, has written on almost anything and true to the reputation he is the only artiste I found who has dedicated a Calypso to the elderly. Midnight Grovers is closest in lamenting the neglect of the elderly by ungrateful children. Though the Gaylords have paid tribute to mother as has Shadow Flow, one would be at pains to find something specific or dedicated to the elderly.

One can find literally over 100 compositions in the last decade paying tribute to the derriere as artistes today seem to have a fixation on this part of the body. Almost every Soca, Bouyon or Dancehall release will feature the posterior as a central theme to roll, wine or jam forgetting that there will come a time, if we live long enough, when 'wine and jam 'will not be an option.

Someone asked me last week what is the difference between an artiste and an entertainer. Well, here is a typical example. The artiste is the one who brings to attention the issues of our world engaging our minds and not just our feet.

I trust that the lyrical content below will honour our elderly and inspire one of our young DJs to pull up from, or include in their repertoire, something that can bring to the fore the plight of the elderly as this song ( which I think could even be adopted as an anthem for the elderly) does so eloquently. Treat dem Right You're in the Prime of Your Life

Everything Seem so Bright

You Feel Invincible

Nothing in This World Can Stop You

Month and Years Now Fly By

And Too Late You Realise

Seeds of Discontent That You Sow

Catching to Your Tomorrow

You Wish You Could Turn it Around

But Here Comes the Setting Sun

Start to Feel the Heartaches and Pains

You Know Much Time Just Don't Remain

Then You See the Young People Laughing While Passing

You Can't Keep up You Wondering What's Happening

You Sacrifice so Hard For This Your Country

Now You Sixty Still Can't Get Social Security

Treat Them Right

This is a Call to Everybody

Treat Them Right

Treat Our Seniors with Some Dignity Treat Them Right

Morning, Excuse me, Show Some Courtesy

Treat Them Right

They Are the Pillars of Our Society

Sing With Me; Oh Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh, Ho, Ho Ho

Respect the Elderly

Oh Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh, Ho, Ho, Ho

Treasures of Our Country

Oh Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh, Ho, Ho, Ho

If We Forget Our Foundation

Oh Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh, Ho, Ho, Ho

Then We Doomed as a Nation

Just You Visit the Cemetery

And I am Sure That You'll See

Age and Sizes That Have Gone

All to the Great Beyond

Some of Us, When we Young

And we Feeling Ever So Strong

So Instead f Doing Good,

We Keep Indulging In Wrong

Never Think You'll Get Old and grey

And for Misdeeds Will Pay

So You Better Live Up Today

So Good Will Come Your Way

Cause no One Have the Devine Right

To Treat the Elderly with Such Spite

Some of Them on the Streets They Roam

Alas the Finally Complete Grotto Home!

If We Had More Integrity

A Home for the Aged Just Would Not Be

To Every Destitute Elderly

There is a Capable Family

Some Never Visit You at all

Awaiting Happy Hour & Funeral

See Them Searching Up Your Will

Another Cancerous Disease

Some Elders Don't Feel At Peace

And At Night They Cannot Sleep

Aimlessly Walking Everywhere

So Many Just Disappear

Once a Man, Twice a Child

Riches and Youth, Is Just For a While

Soon They Become Just a Statistic

Found by a River or Lonely Street