His Mum hails from Good Hope and his Dad, from Marigot. He was born in Roseau and was registered Edward Prevost. But Windsor Park's basketball fraternity knows him affectionately as "Eddie" and "Dr. J".

Further, you may spot him casually riding his bicycle, but you will most likely note his full white beard and sideburns. That's the man Dr. J who made his contribution to basketball development on Dominica some years ago.

Eddie learnt to play 'ball on the St. Mary's Academy court in the early 1970s, but was introduced to playing at Windsor Park by Julie Francis, Kelvin Cuffy and others. He would later go on to play with four teams in the national league (including 3 senior).

Dr. J, who is right-handed and about 5ft 9in tall, played Point Guard first with Wizards and was sometimes a top- or high-scorer on that team. For example, in 1986 he netted 13 Pts vs Owls, 14 and 19 against Harks, and sank 19 against Flames.

Following Wizards' dissolution at the end of the 1986 season, Eddie joined Lions, and a few seasons later he played with Flames.

Dr. J, describing himself as an 'all-round shooter', related that as a Guard he was able to lay-up with either hand and would often confuse his opponents as they never knew with which hand he would lay the ball up. That skill even earned him another nickname, "Which-is-Which".

Eddie recalls a game that he played with Wizards, against Pros, where several of his team-mates had fouled out leaving only four Wizards to continue the match, which they won! But the team that he preferred playing against the most was Cardinals.

Dr. J also played in a match at the Official Opening of the 1985 national basketball season in which he top-scored with 24 Pts for Miller Beer against Mitsubishi Veterans. His last team was Pioneers (Intermediate Division), in the 1990s.

In addition to playing in the national league, Dr. J also participated in several 'Off-Season' basketball leagues. He played in the Roseau Off-Season League organized by the DABA in the mid-1980s; in Pottersville's League (late 1980s); and in the Soufriere League (1990s). He also played in the 'Off-Season' at Trafalgar, and with Boyz 'n' The Hood in Fond Colé's League together with Garth Joseph, Michael Younis, Jason Richards and others.

Dr. J also has fond memories of his days at Windsor Park when he played in unofficial, whole-court games of unlimited duration where the teams competed to reach 100 points!

In addition to contributing to the development of Dominica's basketball as a player, Eddie contributed in a number of other areas. Firstly, many will remember him as a referee in several senior and junior games at the Park.

Having officiated in 50 games in 1985, the DABA recognized Jay's contribution and presented him with a Certificate of Recognition as an Outstanding Match Official. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria in September 2017 destroyed that token.

Another area in which Dr. J contributed immensely was as an unassigned table official, operating the electronic scoreboard. He disclosed that on several occasions, when no member of the Executive of the national association would be present at the Park for the start of a game, he would take it upon himself to round up scorers and even substitute referees to facilitate the running of the particular game. He also 'broke' new basketballs before making them available for games.

In addition to backing up as a Barman or a Gateman on several occasions, Jay served as the Equipment Man, turning the flood lights on for games and ensuring that those lights were turned off at the end of the night's proceedings; providing and securing the current scorebook for games; and performing other tasks. He received a monthly stipend from DABA for his services.

Jay also served for several years as the Grounds-man/Custodian in the enclosed area (for netball, volleyball and basketball) of the Park, succeeding Anthony 'Quack-Quack' Severin.

Eddie took his job very seriously and on any morning following an event in the 'arena' he would be found with his wheelbarrow, broom and shovel cleaning up, disposing of the trash, etc. DABA recognized his contribution in that area and in March 1995 presented him with an award 'In Appreciation of Service Rendered to the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association'.

Dr. J cherishes that award immensely, and thanks God that Hurricane Maria did not take away the plaque which barely has a scratch after 24 years.

Eddie retired from competitive basketball in 2000, is a recreational spear fisherman and free-diver in his spare time, is an auto-mechanic of sorts, and is currently the Maintenance Man at the Fisheries Complex. Jump Ball wishes Edward Prevost all the best.