coronavirus special update image
coronavirus special update image

I have been asked by a few friends whether this COVID-19 thing is real in Dominica. Their question has been made necessary by the behaviour of this cowboy DLP government, and I am beginning to understand their concerns.

While the Prime Minister of St Lucia, and the Premier and Cabinet of Ministers in Nevis have taken huge salary cuts, Herr Skerrit, the Fürher of Dominica, has added a $32,000 monthly bill for rental of dwelling house on the backs of the dwindling base of tax-payers still resident in a failed State.

I mean, where did this guy go to school? And as if this is not enough, I am seeing and learning that our Parliament is voting to add another $32,000 monthly bill for maintenance, landscaping and domestic expenses for the Fürher. Is this for real?

The Fürher has appointed some 20 minsters and parliamentary secretaries, to govern a land mass of 290 mi2. In addition, the Fürher has swollen the number of permanent secretaries, advisors, consultants, and God knows who else, to an already inflated public service.

And all of this is happening during the pandemic.

If you do the math, you will realise that we have 1 minister for every 14.5 mi2 in this tiny country, with only 12% of land suitable for sustainable development. Do the math again. What is 12% of 14.5 mi2? The Fürher has appointed a minister for every 1.74 mi2 of usable land in Dominica.

I mean, where did these guys study? These guys are living like Eloi on the backs of the Morlocks, but I trust they read the entire story.