Resident Judge Wynante Adrien-Roberts
Resident Judge Wynante Adrien-Roberts

Six cases were listed for arraignment at the Roseau High Court on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard before Justice Wynante Adrien-Roberts on Monday, January 24, 2022.

These cases – one murder, three unlawful sex matters, and related charges, and two of grievous bodily harm – are the first matters to come up for trial at the High Court since July 27, 2021, when a man received a prison sentence of six years and six months for unlawful sexual intercourse from Judge Adrien-Roberts.

The accused men, three of whom are unrepresented by counsel, will have their charges read to them by the court and will plead one way or the order upon their arraignment.

State Attorney Sherma Dalrymple who acted as Director of Public Prosecutions when the court went into sudden suspension last July was likely to head the state's prosecution team.

Counsel David Bruney was listed to represent the murder accused.