It is no easy task to summarize someone's life in just a few words, so we will try to give the most meaningful part of it.

Ralph Magloire, known to all as Manix was born on January 18th 1935 in the village of Laudat, where he built his life.

At a tender age of just 14, he began working for C.D.C, now DOMLEC, and not long after he started to build his home. But his house was not all he had his mind set on. People say that when you are young you don't know what love is. This is not true. From primary school Daddy had his heart set on a girl, and it surely didn't take long to have her as his lifelong partner. Daddy and Christine, "Mam" as we all called her, began their family and got married on the 2nd of August 1965. They birthed 10 children, 8 of whom are still here today. And he was fortunate to raise 19 grand and 13 great grandchildren.

His life was no bed of roses as he had to struggle doing multiple tasks to take care of his family, and for certain that's what he did. As expected all couples go through trying times and to date my parents/grandparents are living examples that you overcome anything with commitment and love for your partner. Did I mention that in their 54 years of marriage not once did he ever thought of raising a hand on his wife, never!

It was clear to all that Daddy lived his entire life working till the day he fell ill. And even then at the onset of his illness whenever he felt like he had the energy you would find him going to his garden.

Daddy loved every one and nothing was too much to give the little that he had even to strangers, and it is with no doubt that his generosity has been passed on to his children and grandchildren. He just loved to share.

From his regular contributions to Voice of Life Radio, Daddy was a well-known radio personality; through his love of country he became affectionately known as the open batsman on DBS with Stephen Dangleben. Then to "Mr. Mark"- Matt in the Morning; his voice has been heard and acknowledged by many where he made himself known to all.

His legacy will live on and he most definitely will be missed by all who knew him.

And always remember love is the key.