Happy people are able to take the stressors of life and ride them to a victorious finish line. Happy people live longer. Happy people have richer and fuller experiences of life. There are 22 things happy people do to keep themselves, well…..HAPPY!

  1. Let go of grudges. Holding on to anger, hate, jealousy, envy and hurt have nothing to do with the other person but everything to do with you. These feelings send negative chemical combinations throughout the body and can cause many debilitating diseases when chronically indulged in. Forgiveness is a powerful healer especially for you.

  2. Treat everyone with kindness. Especially the person who is getting in your face…..they need more understanding and love at that moment. Sometimes being kind is walking away or hanging up the phone!

  3. Regard your problems as challenges and opportunities. Most problems are self-made by not planning, communicating clearly, and being persuaded by others who don't make sound decisions. Each problem happens for a reason…..mostly to help you love more, forgive more and let go.

4.Express gratitude for what you have. Instead of complaining of what you don't want or have, make a list of 10 things each day you are grateful for. Write them down and say them out loud.You will be amazed at how much more comes to you within a short period of time!

  1. Dream big….bigger than you've ever dreamed before. Thinking small is a declaration of low self-esteem. You are more powerful than you ever imagined so go ahead imagine something BIG…..take action and watch what happens (More Next Week)