Last week we took a quick look at the S.H.A.R.E concept innovated by a very progressive entrepreneur. It works to develop both agriculture and tourism to the benefit of BOTH! So what exactly are the benefits?

  • For the Dominican farmer:

He gets cash money if needed by selling parts of his land; but still gets revenue from planting and harvesting, or allowing another (young ) Dominican farmer to so The farmer does not pay any rental to the new land owner and becomes a shareholder of the complete agricultural operation, and thus benefits from the infrastructure built or enhanced by the Project Developer including electricity, shed, road access, and availability of transport and logistics for his crops, sales and marketing structure. He SHARES with foreigners willing to invest and do something on his own island

  • For the NEW (tourist) land owner:

He buys a nice piece of land in a preserved island at a very fair price compared to other Caribbean islands. He SHARES with the local community and his investment brings something to Dominica. He builds his vacation home in a Garden of Eden, He increases the rental and market value of his property thanks to this amazing landscaped surroundings, attracting yet more tourists

He, too, becomes a shareholder of the agriculture operation.

  • For the Entrepreneur / Project Developer

He clearly plays a significant and CATALYST role in developing sustainable agriculture and tourism. Moreover, and crucial for Dominica at this time, the project offers partnership opportunities to the youth and other willing Dominican farmers who cannot finance their own desired wish to pursue farming. And those persons actually make the most productive agriculturists. The Project Developer, with requisite skills and resources, manages this unique agriculture/real estate/tourism concept.

  • For the travelers and tourists

They find a unique tourism product with nice and comfortable cottages and villas set within a large sustainable plantation. They are given a unique opportunity to interact with local farmers within the estate and directly contribute to the local economy and enjoy fresh natural products

The whole thing is really laudable sustainable development based on the noble principle of SHARING!