The incredible, edible egg. Oh yes, it turns out that after years of negative press about the dangers of egg consumption, they now have been reprieved. From cardiovascular disease to prostate cancer, eggs have been demonized until now.

Current research shows eggs are a power house of nutritional value. First they are protein bombs. Second, eggs are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Third, cholene is part of an egg's make up necessary for muscle health, especially the heart. Forth, eggs are an excellent source of A, B1, B12, D, and folate, all packaged in the yolk which is the fat key needed for proper absorption.

But you might be wondering what about cholesterol? Isn't that what makes eggs the body bandit? Well we now know that cholesterol in your diet has very little to do with cholesterol in your blood. Rather eating eggs is beneficial to our cholesterol profile because the more "fluffy" or buoyant the bad LDL is the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Guess what? Eggs make LDL "fluffy".

So all in all, you don't get much more nutrition per penny than with an egg. Whether hard or soft boiled, fried, sunny side up, scrambled or devilled, eggs can form the basis of a quick hearty meal at any time.

Just a word to the wise range eggs are higher in omega 3's. So, think twice about buying eggs from hens in cages whose lives are just "egg laying machines." Also, a note of concern, diabetes changes the way the body handles cholesterol and accordingly diabetics should limit their egg intake to around three per week. Isn't this eggstraordinary?

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