Dominica has shown itself with great regalia for Creole in the Park, The World Creole Music Festival and Independence celebrations. During that time the island was a colorful array of food, music, and national wear. Friends and family from across the world returned to enjoy the festivities. Let us not forget too, that Dominica is a living spa, a treasure trove of health and wellness from nature's cornucopia. Such blessings allow Dominicans to be known for their longevity as well. Currently we know that the secret to living to a very old age is a combination of genetics and lifestyle. In the past most research has focused on lifestyle because it is the piece we can control. Most of us are aware that eating right, exercising regularly, not smoking, drinking in moderation and reducing stress make up a healthier lifestyle.

However, we now have current research that is most interesting. In 2010 researchers from Brigham Young University published a summary analysis of 148 different studies that involved 308,849 people. They were an average age of 63.9 years of age and covered four different continents. The focus dealt with the impact of social relationships on mortality rates. Yes, it turns out that an additional ingredient for longevity is friends.

The conclusion was startling to say the least. People who enjoyed strong social ties had a 50 percent increased likelihood of survival over a measured period of 7.5 years compared with people with weak or no social ties. Think of it this way, we are wired for social contact. Our health thrives when we connect with each other and suffers when we are lonely. It seems at the heart of all things, being connected sustains life.

Hence, the festivities going on all over Dominica are a special cultural way of staying connected. When we do that, we ourselves benefit along with the family, friends or anyone else who joins us. The great ingredient to a longer life is friends.

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