Dear Dominican Public

This is my third and final letter in regard to events of Nov 22, 2018 on the public road to wit The Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd. and the Registry of the Commonwealth of Dominica located thereon, these three letters explained my actions were to demonstrate these fundamental rights exist and should not be given up lightly as tried to demonstrate. I trust history will say it was worth it. It was not about me, I could demand it because I am an Attorney and Jean' Woseau. However, you the people have to insist on these important rights and you let go the finger in the proverbial dyke.

Letter # 1 The Importance of the Registry and the Registrar and the public right to free access to the Courts and Registry and unlawfulness of soldier costume as police.

Letter #2: The right to move on the public road is the most fundamental civil right. And the Court as the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice the ECSC and hence the rights privileges and fealty of barristers / lawyers in the precincts of the Courts are owed not to the State but to the CJ these are distinct from the civil rights of citizens; they are privileges the ECSC being regional they are supra national.

Letter #3: The rights of arrestees 'The Captured Innocent until Proven Guilty Right'

The right to counsel…the right to medical attention...the right to know your charge…the right to basic hygiene…the right to descent food… at the HQ of your nation State.

I left you after my beaten by the Soft like Vanilla ...Cone-head… Bwoy and his accomplice 'Trolorlor '. They led me away into a totally unmarked gray Nissan, not a sign of officiality (Oh I Did Not See the Plates (-_). Trolorlor in the driver seat another camo got in the front with him, a police I know got in the back. I continue to rant at Trolorlor (u who vex @name remember what he did to me) calling him Chokehold 'Tebeh' Butter' and other (&^&%$#@!), to such an extent that half way around the corner he couldn't take 'tongue lash', he stopped the vehicle and called another camo who got in the driver seat. His vibe was clearly much more professional. So I said "thank you, cause the stench of 'Trorlorlor' would have made us crash". We reach the station, my eye is throbbing and my teeth don't feel right. I am taken thru the back to the front desk, double stripe officer is at the desk, she put out her hand, the two look quizzically. "What's the charge… What's the suspicion."

Up to now nobody has read me rights, maybe they assumed I knew them. They have no answer… "I not tired tell all you that you have to have a paper, a document, who is A.O. or V.C. and what's the charge….. 'NO"… she continued, "You cannot tell me… has to be written down ... or told to me by the A.O. so I can write it in the book, at the same time …"

Simultaneously an officer I knew began searching me, taking each item and put in a brown envelope, I confirm each item. While this is going on I am overhearing the Corporal woman say this-I don't know if it was for my sake… to show me at least she one knew the rules, after a note reach her I was escorted beltless and lacing less, still in handcuffs and dragging my Clarke's around the corner door and into the jail cell. It was bare except in front of me a pile of Styrofoam. I said, "NO BENCH, NO CHAIR, NOT a COT What!! NO CARDBOARD! EVEN Stockfarm have 'cardboard', and there is prison… This is Jail, in the Police HQ, Too Un-BumBA Believable, you all have no respect, not even for yourself", is all I said.

In there I met a young man, he had a 6 inch hatche' from his forehead through the middle of his head with fresh stiches, an angled 3 inch one, in the back of his head, freshly stitched and another on his arm….. and he was… THE ONE IN JAIL!... not THE ONE THAT DID IT?

In Law No Self Defense claim can be raised until arraignment… in Any Circumstance Whatsoever, he would also have to be arrested.

After about 25 minutes the yout started to scream, he been in there for two days clearly needs to be in a hospital.

He gave me respect, I take him in one cell and give him a yoga technique, showing him a way to breathe; he is hyperventilating wailing "Why OH Why YII YI Why Me … he needs to calm or the head going worse, we sit quietly in the cell and he follows my instructions perfectly, in 10 minutes he is asleep in lotus, literally. At some point maybe one hour later Ronald Charles comes to see me. After thanking him and saying I haven't been given my call, he says he has arranged station bail but the Arresting Officer "J.A. Camo" has to actually charge, so bail can be set he, due to his duties 'securing' the Court, was unable to.

Later while in a squat meditating them youts call from the toilet ventilation is. "Yo they calling your name man" So I get up and I go on my tippy toes on the SHITHOLE platform and I hear the sweetest sound I have heard since I returned to Dominica in 1993:

"FREE HENRY NOW…FREE HENRY NOW…FREE HENRY NOW…" My heart bounced and fluttered with a sense of calm for since I returned here as the first national Rastafarian attorney called to the Bar of the E.C.S.C. through my environmental education and conservation work with my Big Bald Head Brother, Athie Martin. This is the first time I felt appreciated it was truly sobering. Thank you all who participated and the Irits which guided you… I will never forget.

Julian Prevost soon came in, he said the same thing as Ronald except this time JA Camo was now busy with crowd control at the police station. Julien informs that if I call off the crowd he would be able to lay the charges. I said "nothing doing" (laughing). But Julian looked serious.

"That's is nonsense," I say. "He can just lay the charge now then Henry make bail get outa jail, crowd disperse... but of course you need soldiers to protect Police H.Q. must be George Jackson they holding."

Julian left. Then sometime after maybe an hour I did not do a time line but let's see

Refused Registrar 10:00; Arrested 12:00; Jailed 12:30; Ronald 1: 2:00; Julian; 3:30-4:00 Ronald 2; 5:30

Ronald comes again and tells me that Corbett now says that the crowd has dispersed but something has gotten in his eyes and he cannot do any paperwork (I cannot make this up) hence I was probably going to stay. I told Ronald about being beat up and I have not been brought to the hospital. He asked me to come up to the cell to take a picture; as he took out his phone the police came from the other room and said 'no pictures' and stopped him. Ronald told him in no uncertain terms "Make Sure You Bring Him to The Hospital", turned to me and said "get your copy of hospital papers, don't forget" and left. I settled, shifted my head space knowing I am spending the night in jail. I found a corner, the youths were around, they were being given a strict diet of white Crix biscuit and Busta soda… 3 times a day, that's what you get unless someone brings you something like my son, who sent me dinner which he had to taste. Not so if you bought from 'The CDPF BAR & GRILL' where grog is sold, the public can twerk to bouyon - dancehall riddims located right here at H.Q. under the watchful, fastidious gaze of the Chief of Police, Supt's, Insp.'s and other rank and file.

In my corner meditating on my children and the wonder of Jah with all natural majestic beauty and grace of Dominica compared to this nasty gloom & doom. Here where cold ground will be my bed...but no rock for pillow. I learned to make a bed from plastic water bottles to keep my back and neck off the ground with my dread the pillow lay my flat on my back but that was for later…

While meditating on my Zion and the wonder of the Nature Island, the potential possibilities of the 'BIG IDEA'. I hear commotion in the front I am in the back of a cell. "Shillingford"…

"What the &^%$$^^%@&%$ you want…. "Who the F*&^ you think you are disturbing my meditation, Hound Dog".

When I look up I see two men coming towards me putting on surgical gloves. NO SHIT. "What the F^# You Mother F-ers want… Get the F#! Out of here!"

Two guys grab me on each arm and they pull me. With no belt my pants loose falling off my ass like a B-boy, they pulling me, I had my shoe loosely on so I am shuffling but I ain't jiving.

I look up to see some Carib Wanna Be ''De Rock', he look more like 'CrushTarish' to me. He grabbed me under my neck and throat and swung me around and tried to slam my head against the wall but I twisted my body and lifted my thigh that took the impact. All the youts in the jail were screaming 'What you doing" "Let go the Rasta Dread"… "How you just trying mash de man head". "So that's how all you does roll, as gang, 9 against one, all you really tough"... and so on all the time Crush Tarish bending my arm and has my neck jamming against the wall, I using my knee and body to take pressure.

They let me go then while I fixing my clothes I see they searching the cells but not any other person?

What was that all about, them man tell me "they say they smell Ganja"….

Given everything that happened that day my life went full circle, these imps really thought I would want to smoke 'The Hola Herb', in their Cesspool. Needless to say I hardly slept, not because of the plastic bottles… NO Sir, It was the music that blasted from the CDPF BAR & GRILL.

To Close… let me tell all these men that I referred to as camouflage Toy Soldier etc. all of you know is not today I telling you all this, at least 10 years now I am telling you that the Chief of Police have to ensure you get basic law classes which he NEVER GAVE YOU at Morne Bruce. As ridiculous as it may sound to you, I did this for you. So your Commanding Officer can't use you all like fodder. Tell them that you will not wear any army uniform if Dominica does not have an army, because you are not a pappy show for any one from "Ole House" likkle village up north. Tell them, a uniform is a uniform, they must match and YOU need the legal authority that YOU are operating under, these are your BASIC special rights, as lawyers have rights police have special rights too. Their duty is to the Constitution, not Government especially a government who thinks that No Law or Constitution is superior to them. TELL THEM, "If they want you to look more 'Serious', more 'frightening', for those who fear YOU. Get YOU the black full body coveralls, the SWAT type and instead of S.W.A.T. it will have TASK FORCE at the Back…

I have not covered the Court as I have run out of space….With Deep Concern for What the Nature Island of the World is Becoming.


Henry M Shillingford