On his back helplessly on the ground he lay, in black shorts and white t-shirt, grimacing in pain as onlookers stared and chattered away asking questions that had no immediate answers. Who is he? Who was wrong? How he reach there?

Broken parts of the motorcycle and a mixture of gas and oil and debris were scattered over the pavement. The car that collided with the motorcycle was slightly damaged and had stopped diagonally across the road, like someone parked it there.

The driver of the car was unharmed. He told the police that the accident occurred when he swerved across the road in an attempt to avoid the cyclist. But a witness said to other onlookers that the driver was making a U-turn when he collided with the motorcycle. We don't know who's at fault.

It was mid-day and the air was hot and still and clean. It rained a lot yesterday.

So, another young motorcyclist had had an accident and yes, he was not wearing any form of protective gear.

The accident occurred near the Public Works Garage on Goodwill Road, a straight, near perfect road by Dominican standards.

The biker's leg was probable broken; his neck did not seem to be okay. It was probably broken too; nobody knew then but that did not stop people from saying "yes, his neck break".

Afterwards, a young man from Bath Estate who helped carry the injured man to the ambulance displayed blood on his palm.

"I should have had gloves," he said. "This is dangerous".

He was thinking that the cyclist could have had HIV/AIDS but his main focus was helping the cyclist, he said.

While the young cyclist was groaning in pain, a young helmet-clad policeman arrested a young man near the spot of the accident.

Apparently the man was a relative of the cyclist who was getting too close to the policemen who were helping the cyclist and also investigating the accident. The helmet-clad policeman told the man that he was obstructing.

The man answered: "I will harche you (cut you with a cutlass); I know who you are."

The angry policeman moved forward to hit the man, who had threatened him, with a motorcycle helmet but another policeman held his arm. The young man was handcuffed and taken to a police vehicle.