A pensive Michael Bruney.© Copyright. All Rights Reserved
A pensive Michael Bruney.© Copyright. All Rights Reserved

I was both grateful to Her Ladyship, the Hon. justice Bernie Stephenson for passing on the sad news that Michael Bruney has passed away I confess that it was not only sad, but it came as a real shock to me. In just a few minutes my mind and heart were filled with memories of this nice man who had made an impact on my life in many ways.

I recall meeting him in the 1990s when he was Registrar of the Supreme Court of Dominica. At the time when I was transitioning from being a Member of the Court of Appeal to becoming Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. I soon came to think of him as being just excellent. He was knowledgeable, reliable and very supportive. He was always available to serve, willing to share his knowledge and experience with others, and he had a kind and gentle spirit that cared for people around him.

He became a key member of our justice reform program teams and contributed to the 2000 Rules of Civil Procedure Through all this, he became a dear and trusted friend and we shared many beautiful memories.

Fast-forward to Dominica's accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice ICCII Michael went out of his way to take care of and entertain the delegation from our Court showing off Dominica and making US all very happy. Shortly after that, when the CCJ was invited to support delay reduction programs and the introduction of case management in the Belize Court of Appeal, it was Michael who we leaned on as our lead expert for the project.

As we mourn his passing, I remember him as a thoughtful and caring human being interested in serving his community and the wider region. I thought that he epitomized many of the qualities that one would like to see in an Attorney, and one whose career concentrated to such a large extent on doing public service. I am sure that he will be missed.

I sympathise with the Bar Association and the legal profession in Dominica on the loss of our beloved colleague.

To his Son Kerron, following his footsteps at the Bar, and his extended family I extend sincere condolences and pray that God gives you the grace and strength to cope with your grief and loss. You should be aided by the wonderful memories he left which should encourage you to celebrate his life.

I pray for him and that his soul may rest in peace.