An Astaphan floot at the opening of Carnival
An Astaphan floot at the opening of Carnival

Annually, J. Astaphan & Co. gives back to the communities as part of its mission to contribute in the socio-cultural and economic development of the country. In a statement sent to media outlets at the beginning month of the year, the company reported its total donations last year amounting to over $160,000 spread across various areas and local institutions.

The company currently stands as the largest general importer in the country with a corporate mission that has been crystallized as "To improve the quality of life of every Dominican by enabling them to afford the things that can raise their standard of living".

J. Astaphan & Co., however, has been going beyond just ensuring the affordability of these products that can raise the standard of living of every Dominican.

"J. Astaphan & Co. likewise aims to create a cycle of positive change via strategic and targeted donations in community development, health, tourism, and education.", the statement said.

Part of its efforts is to contribute to Community Development in ways that positively enhance the lives of our people. The company has been generously subsidizing Foster Care programs through the Welfare Department, thus, aiding foster parents and children in their day-to-day challenges. It also supports Chances, a landmark facility serving as a "place of safety" for abused and abandoned children on the island. It has also been making a push for community development from the grass-roots level by supporting village councils and other organizations, as they conduct their many programs targeted to nurture, protect, and develop the various sectors of the community especially the children, women, and the elderly.

The company also reiterated its strong belief in the power of education to help create better lives for young Dominicans. It has been supporting feeding programs of various schools year-round, benefitting hundreds of children through its monthly contributions. The company has also been supportive of school and classroom environment improvement initiatives, reading programs, and sponsors 21 of its own scholarships.

The nation's health sector is another area J. Astaphan & Co. has eagerly supported for many years now. It has also been providing backing to the National Health District, as well as promoting Health and Awareness activities around the country. Medical professionals like nurses also get support for their workshops throughout the year.

When the company is not bankrolling programs, it is sending monthly contributions to qualified individuals and numerous charitable groups and institutions including Operation Youth Quake, Mahaut Gospel Tabernacle, Alpha Centre, Reach, Dominica Infirmary, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Community Hostel (Grotto Home for the Homeless), Care of the Elderly, Northern District Home for the Aged, and House of Hope.

It has also been at the forefront of private sector participation in major tourism activities like the World Creole Music Festival by creating the festival's first ever VVIP; and the Carnival by sponsoring shows and producing its own events like the J'ouvert Powder Fete during Carnival Monday, thus, adding more colour and vibrancy to these annual festivals in the country anticipated and celebrated by locals and tourists alike.

(J. Astaphan Press Statement)