Political opponents Astaphan, left, and Lennox Linton
Political opponents Astaphan, left, and Lennox Linton

Judge Bernie Stephenson has the task to decide whether or not to throw out the defence of Lennox Linton in Ministers Rape libel case.

Anthony Astaphan, the Senior Counsel representing members of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration argued before Judge Stephenson in the Civil Court last week that that she should throw out Linton's defence because Linton's statement could not "remotely (be) directed at one minister."

"It was an unwarranted, unprovoked attack on the integrity of the ministers. But that will be a matter for the judge to decide," Astaphan told the press at the end of the 18 February hearing.

On the other hand, Gildon Richards, Linton's lawyer counter argued that the words Linton used in the alleged defamatory statement were descriptive of only one minister.

The case arose out of a United Workers Party (UWP) "Youth in it Too" rally in St Joseph in 2014 during which Linton insinuated that certain unnamed ministers of government were alleged "rapists".
The case began on February 15, 2016 at the High Court before Judge Bernie Stephenson.

On 21st July 2014 Linton filled his defence in the court.