Pappy Baptiste with "I love Trump" T-shirt
Pappy Baptiste with "I love Trump" T-shirt

United States President Donald Trump has a huge fan in Dominica, the Hurricane Maria- ravaged Caribbean island.

He's Leonard Pappy Baptiste, 77, the perennial politician and former prominent businessman.

On Wednesday morning Pappy walked through Roseau, the capital, wearing a yellow hat and a red t-shirt printed with words expressing his admiration for Trump ("I love Trump" at the front; "Trump is President" at the back)

Asked why he admires Trump, Pappy said: "Trump is a man who speaks his mind."

Pappy said he supports the US that Trump allegedly made last week denigrating Haiti and African countries.

He has a right to make that statement," Pappy told THE SUN. "He has a right. So I still support him in spite of the statement he made."

Pappy said he has supported Trump since he announced he was a presidential candidate and "I campaigned for him in my prayers"

Do you think Trump is a racist, we asked?

" No,he's not a racist- he speaks his mind."