I just purchased a Samsung S III and have been transferring data from my Blackberry. What a job until I found out Bluetooth can migrate files effortlessly! How we love our technology.

However there is always a trade-off for technology such as mobile phones affecting our health negatively. Unfortunately we need to be aware of these five impacts and take the necessary precautions to reduce their ill effects.

Dark circles. Some of the biggest phone makers in the world, U.S. researchers and Sweden found that radiation emitting from mobile devices causes headaches and interrupts vital sleep patterns. Shut off the cell phone when sleeping and put it in another room altogether.

Serious wrinkles. If you squint to look at the screen of your phone this might lead to forehead wrinkles and crow's feet over time. Using a larger font to read, texts, emails and the web can help to alleviate some of the problems.

Bad skin. Recent studies show that cell phones carry 18 times more harmful bacteria –including staph, E-coli and salmonella--than a public toilet! Wipe your cell phone down at least once a day with an alcohol swab to reduce the oil from hands and face along with harmful bacteria.

Sagging jaw line and neck pain. Constantly looking down to text, email, or play games can lead to a sagging wrinkled jaw line and neck pain. Such a motion puts pressure on the neck (cervical) curve and bones can misalign causing "pinched or trapped" nerves. Instead hold your cell phone up in front of you.

Red eyes. Staring at the cell phone screen for hours not only can cause eyes to dry out but also become extremely red. Avoid this by taking frequent breaks from the cell phone screen.

Love your body more than your cell phone and enjoy a healthier life as well.

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