sle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour, Isle to all so rich and rare". Such appropriate words to Dominica's National Anthem and most certainly illustrated at the opening day of the Giraudel Flower Show on Saturday, May 18th, 2013. It is so obvious that the villages of Eggleston and Giraudel worked very hard to maintain a high standard of presentation for this show. I attended the last show nine years ago during my first years here on Dominica. That is why I knew I wouldn't miss it this year especially to see the new flower centre.

Stepping inside the building is to step into the reality of Dominica's natural beauty enhanced by human vision and creativity. The displays are breath-taking; the gardens so lovely to walk through. The market with its crafts, plants and food is well organized and pleasant to behold.

I noticed many bees at the entry gate buzzing around playfully with no ill intent. I'm not afraid of bees and look upon honey bees, especially, as a sign of good luck. I was told by my friend Elizabeth Alfred of Giraudel that only last night did they move into a tree along the entry way. I took a photo of it because it is fortunate to see honey bees alive and well what with the alarming deaths of them in the U.S.

The flower show is going on all week as a way to accommodate more people and reward those hard working show and display organizers and vendors with more appreciation time for their efforts. I found the directional signs very helpful as a one way travel option is a must on narrow roads.

The market area, a new addition this year, is separate from the show but hosts many varieties of succulents, herbs, flowers and trees for sale. Also some very talented craft people have exhibited their unique ideas for sale as well. I suggest taking your time and looking at everything. I found the entry fee and prices for crafts, plants and food are quite reasonable. After only two and a half hours of enchantment, I was in tears of joy when I left the show laden with herbs, trees and flowers anxious to return to my little piece of paradise. Thank you Giraudel and Eggleston for showing us the goodness and beauty that is still present in the world…God bless you!