Anton "White Fiary" Joseph, is again Cadence Monarch in 2018
Anton "White Fiary" Joseph, is again Cadence Monarch in 2018

Anton "White Fairy" Joseph is not expected to wave his magic wand again in 2019 because he will not be competing.

Remember that he has won the NCCU Cadence-lypso competition four times in a row- 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. (The 2017 show was cancelled due to the ravages of Hurricane Maria).

But White Fairy said a year ago that he will not compete in 2019.

"Right now I have achieved it all and I will go out and further promote the Cadence and so I will not be competing for a fifth crown in 2019; I don't think that I have the energy. I will venture into the band part to keep the Midnight Grovers alive," he said.

He continued: "For my first time in my life I was feeling like I was in a competition…all the other years I was competing just for fun but this year 2018 was different since the competition was tough and the competitors came hard at me. My concern was not about just winning, it was about delivery of the song and its execution and I did just that and pleased the judges and fans.

"I want people to appreciate the Cadence and don't let it die. That is Dominica's roots and we have to promote it. I want to say thank you to the NCCU for this Cadence show for had it not been for them the Cadence would be dead and I would have been nowhere," he said.

In 2018, Joseph was awarded EC$10,000 for placing first; the second prize winner received EC$5,000 and number three, $3,000. In 2018, in the band section, Fanatik Band won followed by the First Serenade Band of Pointe Michel.

The NCCU announced last week that planning for the seventh edition of the NCCU 2019 Cadence Lypso Show continues.

Twenty-one artistes, comprising regulars and a sprinkling of newcomers, performed their songs before a panel of four judges. The judges selected ten finalists, including the first NCCU Cadence Monarch, Webster Marie, to compete in the Cadence Show on Saturday, November 2, 2019. They are: Richard "Beno" Christmas; Webster "De Web" Marie; Charles "Clarce" Leathm; Jude "Jay Dee" Delauney; Jackson Alie; Desmond "Lulu" Lawrence; Marisa Stedman; Delma Daniel; Shirley "Lady S" Charles and Jerd Dorsette.

Steve "Triumph" Williams and John Mark are reserves.