On March 3rd 2016 Dominica welcomed newly appointed US Ambassador Linda Taglialatela during her maiden visit here in her capacity as chief of the U.S. Mission to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the OECS.

Later that evening Miss Taglialatela was treated to a small reception at the Fort Young Hotel where she mingled with government ministers, heads of departments and members of the diplomatic corps.

"I really look forward to continuing the excellent relationship with Dominica just as my predecessors and colleagues received," said Ambassador Taglialatela.

She said that for almost 40 years Dominica and the United States have enjoyed uninterrupted diplomatic relations and a very special warm friendship.

"I look forward on building on our already strong partnerships here in Dominica looking forward to improve citizen safety, support civil society, practice sustainable economic growth, and mitigate the effects of climate change," she said.

Meanwhile, Francine Baron, Minister for Foreign Affairs and CARICOM Affairs said Dominica sincerely appreciates the value of the support extended by the Government of the United States of America.

"You are assuming office at a critical and a challenging time for Dominica and the other Eastern Caribbean States to which you are accredited," Baron said.

She added that the region continues to struggle under the loads of high debt, a situation exacerbated by the financial crisis and further compounded by the effects of natural disasters.

"We are thankful to the United States for the support the support provided to us post Erika, procurement of relief supplies and the deployment of disaster management specialists in the aftermath of the storm," she said.

Baron said discussions are ongoing with the US embassy for additional avenues for supporting Dominica in the reconstruction process after Erika.

She said the Government and people of Dominica appreciated the visit of the US Navy Ship; the Comfort Promise last year.

"It rendered medical services in areas where we had little or inadequate capacity…this visit was a hallmark of our relations within the last year," said Baron.

She said Dominica will continue to work with the United States in the fight against money laundering and drug trafficking.

"We thank your government for the continued support over the years for building capacity in national security and boarder management," Baron said.