Anton "White Fairy" Joseph wins the NCCU Cadence-lypso crown
Anton "White Fairy" Joseph wins the NCCU Cadence-lypso crown

Fire Officer, of eight years, Anton 'White Fairy' Joseph of Grand Fond has captured the crown and grand prize of EC$15,000 in the third annual National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Cadencelypso Competition held on October 18, 2014 at the Windsor Park Stadium Forecourt.

Joseph said he was "excited and elated" after winning the competition. Though affected by technical difficulties he said it was fair of the judges for allowing him a chance to start over.

"The audience was not hearing my voice, so then I had to start back the whole process over again and which I find was very fair from the judges and the audience itself because they were not hearing my voice; I had a wrong mic and I had to start back the whole scene for that reason," he said. "My original game plan was to perform because everybody like the song and I just had to perform the song for everybody. I wasn't thinking of win or lose; I wasn't thinking of the completion but just to perform the song to the audience," said Joseph.

"I love Cadence; I am a roots man. I love the culture; I love our Creole language and I will do my best to maintain our Creole language and maintain our culture and keep cadence alive," he said.

Joseph won the competition with a song entitled "Pas Kite Mwen". Ramadine 'Kalfa P' Phillip placed second, winning EC$,000 while Webster 'De Webb' Marie was third and won EC$3,000.

In the meantime, the First Serenade won the Band Splash segment which was added to the competition for the first time this year.
Manager of First Serenade, Carlton Winston, said the band felt "wonderful and great" after winning the competition. However, Winston said the band has not received the level of respect it deserves.

"The people around that never believed that Lloydy could deliver Cadence and the First Serenade Band we proved them wrong…Serenade has got a lot of disrespect in this country but a lot of fans have supported the band, family, friends and fans, and though we may go through a lot of stress seven years of not eating a bread in a coliseum, we will say thanks to God to our family and friends for supporting us because we have worked hard and as you can see Serenade is a Dominican Band and we have to support what is ours. Dominicans must stop promoting these foreign (bands). This is our island, this is our music and we came and we did what we had to do. Serenade is Dominica and Dominica is Serenade and we want to send that message to DFC," said Winston.

The First Serenade Band won EC$7000; Xtacy Band from Petite Savanne (second) won EC$5,000 and third-placed WCK won EC$3000.