As I write, the memories of two deceased friends and sportsmen come to mind: Hubert 'Son' Joseph, a boyhood friend of mine, whose friendship remained intact until his passing and Allan Guye, who as a past student of the Roseau Mixed School (RMS) left for the St. Mary's Academy. I replaced Guye as captain of the RMS team during our school league days and later we played for the Notre Dame team. As a matter of fact, both he and Carlton Felix signed me on to Notre Dame in 1950. Such memories will live forever.

The passing of Guye and Joseph on the same day, Sunday, 9th August 2015, can only be described as a rare but sad coincidence.

Allan Guye was one of Dominica's famous centre-halves and distinguished himself in that position for many years for his team, Notre Dame, and the national team. Guye took over the captaincy of Notre Dame and the national team when the later Carlton Felix left Dominica to reside in St. Lucia. Who can ever forget that lone goal coming from his boats from his position at centre half in the closing minutes of that match against the battleship HMS Diadem in the Fifties to the joy of thousands of spectators? Dominica won that match one goal to nil (1-0).

Hubert Joseph, also a former national player, managed Dominica's national team in the Sixties. Having played on the same team as Guye and Joseph, I remember the value of their contribution to the team. Looking back I remember a match in the early Fifties between Notre Dame and Dodgers. Sydney Dyer was in goal, Ivan George and Carlton Felix in the backline (full backs in those days); Hubert Joseph, Allan Guye and Goddard Doctrove occupied the half-line, with Sharpe Elwin Sr. at outside right; Joe Reid inside right; Phillip Reid - centre forward; Phillip Alleyne, inside left and Lazarus Hurtault outside left. This was a team and a match to remember. Dodgers was beaten by one goal to nil (1-0).

These were the days when fans walked to the Park in large numbers to support their teams. I don't know how to put it but I am now the only surviving member of that team. And to quote the late Marjory Frampton, then a woman sports reporter, writing in the Chronicle: "Young Phillip Alleyne making his debut in first division football scored the winning goal".

I mentioned this match in memory of Allan Guye and Hubert Joseph. In cricket Guye was 12th man in a national team which comprised D.K. Burton (captain), Mr. Frampton, Ivan Shillingford, Stafford Shillingford, Bernard Cools-Lartigue, Simon Francis, Tony Brawne, Bobby Pemberton, Louis Delsol, Harry Augustus and Munro Charles. To be named 12th man in a team made up of such players is enough to say that Guye was a very promising young cricketer. Hubert Joseph went on to play for Thunderstorm and Arsenal bringing to an end his football days. He could be described as a very intelligent footballer in spite of his toughness on the field.

To the bereaved families of the two former national sportsmen, Allan Guye and Hubert Joseph, I offer deepest sympathies on behalf of all former Notre Dame, Thunderstorm and Arsenal football teams. Be assured that their memories will live on as long as football is played in Dominica. Affectionate farewell to two footballers of my time.

May their souls rest in peace.