The Dominica Senior Women's football team will be without its 18-year-old defensive player Alanna Finn for the next encounters against Turks & Caicos at home on April 6th and Nicaragua in Managua on April 12th in the Concacaf W Championship 22 World Cup qualifiers.

This week Finn underwent surgery to repair a severely ruptured right Achilles' tendon and is now convalescing at home in Washington DC. She went down in the 10th minute of Dominica versus Trinidad match at the Lenora national stadium in West Demerara. She is expected to make a full recovery by late fall after undergoing intensive physical rehabilitation.

On her return trip to the United States from Guyana on February 20, she used wheelchairs to navigate the airports in Georgetown, Miami, and Washington DC. Prior to the surgery, she wore an orthopedic boot and used two crutches. Due to the pain and discomfort, she did little except being dropped off and picked up at school.

Finn said, "My right leg has been swollen since the injury and the pain is excruciating. I am unable to do simple things like walking on my own or driving. I am very disappointed but accept the fact that injuries are realities of any contact sport."

Alanna was looking forward to playing in a friendly match in Anguilla on March 27th as well in the two encounters versus Turks & Caicos and Nicaragua with a great deal of anticipation and optimism, especially before the home crowd.

She continued, "Our team gained a lot from our two games in Guyana even though we came up short. But more importantly, we jelled as a unit. During the next two matches, I will be cheering on my team from the living room couch. Even more so for my older sister Sari as she attacks the goal from the outside left-wing position."

Because of the abrupt, sudden stops and repeated turns and twists at high speeds, Achilles' tendon ruptures are very common in football and basketball. In March 2010, England's famous striker David Beckham completely tore his left Achilles tendon while playing for AC Milan.

In 2013, the late Kobe Bryant suffered a full-blown left Achilles tendon rupture and in 2019 Kevin Durant sustained the same injury on his right foot. These superstars rejoined their teams in about six months after successful surgeries and intensive rehabilitation.