It was as if a giant rat had taken a big bite of the Fond Cani road; or, as a person who was watching the scene on a gloomy and rainy morning said, it looked like a giant with a saw had neatly cut off part of the road..

"Today half of the road for about 100 feet fell into the river (near the Copthall junction that leads to Trafalgar)," said Kendell Johnson, the permanent secretary in the ministry of works.

Johnson said today's slide is about the third time that the road has caved-in in that area. Firstly, the swollen river, during Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015, had eaten part of the road's underbelly. Then five days ago, on 23 December a landslide took away another section.

"We've been monitoring it every day from the 23rd and on Christmas Day we also had another landslide," Johnson said.

Johnson added that the area is unstable and therefore motorist were advised to use the Copthall to Watten Waven road leading up to Trafalgar.

He said a probable long term solution to the problem is the extension of the width of the road towards the cliffs.

Meanwhile, as the Sun's photographer left the area this morning, a bus driver said he'd driven on that section of the road just 10 minutes before it collapsed. He said he was counting his lucky stars.

A Rastafarian responded, "Jah talking to us, man. He speaks in mysterious ways; even you can be a messenger."

A young man who apparently had a recent fracas with the police gloated: "Allu say I blockin' allu road. See allu road now, see it now?"