Police get ready for battle on Salisbury road
Police get ready for battle on Salisbury road

If you thought the confrontation between the police and the people of Salisbury was over, think again.

Salisbury is again "tense and on edge", says Hector "Spags" John, the parliamentary representative after the police issued summons to10 more villagers who participated in a demonstration in the village in May, 2015.

John said on Friday five villagers received orders to appear before a magistrate and five more were summoned on Sunday.

The parliamentary representative himself was targeted by he has not yet been served.

A copy of the summons issued to Derrick Peters of Salisbury by Sergeant Williams J states that on May 11,2015 Peters "unlawfully, riotously, tremulously" assembled together with more than 12 others to cause a disturbance of the peace and that he did not disperse "within the space of one hour" when he was ordered to do so.

Peters is to appear before a magistrate in St. Joseph on August 20th 2015.

The six persons charged earlier are to re-appear before the court on 27 October 2015.

As you recall, the Salisbury saga escalated when villagers blocked the Edward Oliver LeBlanc Highway at several locations on Thursday June 11, 2015 one month after their first protest action.

Salisbury residents rioted when the police arrived early that morning and arrested five individuals who were allegedly involved in the first protest. Among those arrested was John's brother.

A contingent of well-armed police officers then clashed with villagers; the police reacted by firing several rounds of tear gas into the group of villagers.

One month earlier the villagers had blocked roads in the village to protest the poor condition of feeder roads. During the first protest, the police discharged tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd in a siege that lasted more than twelve hours.