• Javed Laurent

    Javed Laurent: The more effort you put into something, the ...

    Hurricane Maria's devastation wreaked on the island, coupled with pure curiosity and an urge to experiment, led Javed Laurent to discover his hidden talent for designing and creating woodcraft, which ...

  • IMF logo and Dominica map

    IMF Report: Believe it or not

    Sociologist Simeon Joseph has sounded the alarm after analyzing the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) March 16th report on Dominica's economic outlook. Expressing deep-seated concerns, Joseph has called on officials responsible ...

  • A man holds up a sign on the Roseau BayFront during a UWP electoral reform demonstration

    Electoral Reform: Games Politicians Play

    Prime Minister Skerrit says he wants Electoral reform badly, but the opposition is delaying the process

  • Dominica's Arawak House of Culture in March 2024

    What's happening with the Arawak House of Culture?

    The Arawak House of Culture, once pulsating with Dominica's artistic spirit, now stands silent and forsaken, awaiting its resurrection from the ruins of Hurricane Maria's wrath.

  • FILE PHOTO: DPSU secretary general Thomas Letang

    Sleeping Giant Wakes

    In the corridors of the offices of public officers, whispers linger, voices echo, and frustrations mount as the anticipation of yet another meeting organized by the Dominica Public Service Union ...

  • Performing at #9 in the 2024 Calypso Finals- King Trilla G


    In the wake of a riveting semi-final spectacle that unfolded at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on January 27, the calypso atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement as the ...

  • This is a screenshot of the NYT page listing Dominica as one of 52 places in the world to visit in 2024

    The New York Times lists Dominica among the "52 PLACES ...

    One of the top newspapers in the USA, the prestigious The New York Times, has listed Dominica among the 52 places to visit in 2024.

  • Police officers and funeral officials at the viewing of the body of the late Dr. Carissa Etienne

    "That little girl from Massacre"

    Carissa Faustina Etienne was born on November 2, 1952, in the Dutch Caribbean Island of CuraƧao, the first of the three daughters (Judy Etienne and Althea Etienne) of Antoine Joseph ...

  • The late PAHO Director, Dr. Carissa Etienne (PAHO photo)

    Dr. Carissa Etienne: "I just wanted to be the best ...

    Talk to Dr. Carissa Etienne even for a few minutes, and you'll detect the little girl in her. Maybe it's the sparkle in her eyes as she engages you in ...

  • From Elimination to the Calypso crown, newcomer Trilla G makes history

    Thrilling Trilla G

    "I do not want Calypso to be a genre that is dead after Tewey Vaval," says Trilla G, the first newcomer to win the Calypso crown

  • New Director of Public Prosecutions S. Darlrymple

    Sherma Dalrymple appointed DPP

    Sherma Dalrymple, after acting for two years, was permanently appointed to the position of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)

  • Johny  Skerrit, Cultural elder

    Dominican 2 de Bone

    The life of 62-year-old Johnny Skerrit of Woodford Hill has been marked by a steadfast commitment to safeguarding and advancing the cultural traditions of Dominica, culminating in his highly esteemed ...