• CROSSOVER won Regular League and Play-off championships in 2014 (2019 photo)


    Part I of the article presented the Premier Division Playoff champion teams, the champs in the Regular League from that same division, and the team that had captured both categories ...

  • EUCLID BERTRAND in a 2020 Premier Football League match


    Boots, the type of footwear worn by footballers and basketballers, is also the nickname of Euclid Bertrand, a proud son of the soil from the cozy little sporting and fishing ...

  • PHOENICKS of St. Martin, winners of Males segment of KIBC-2022. DABA President standing far right


    November 3rd, 2022, saw Dominica observing her 44th Anniversary of Independence. A couple of days later, the island's eastern district was pounded mercilessly by over 14 inches of rain dumped ...

  • EARL MATTHEW (Far Right) as coach of Possie Vibrations Lightning U-15 team

    Earl Matthew's Passion for Basketball

    Part I of the article presented on Earl Matthew's formative years in basketball, his playing subsequently in the national, off-season and university leagues, and his representing Dominica and his club. ...

  • Milton Paul (Deceased) with one of Knicks' team trophies; died in 2014

    Remembering Milton Paul (1973-2014)

    Dominica's basketball fraternity, particularly players from the city of Roseau and those on senior division teams from the out-districts from the 1990s knew him simply as Milton. But he was ...

  • DOMINICA Team at 2000 CARICOM Basketball Championships

    Dominica In CARICOM Basketball

    The year after Dominica's basketball League first bounced off, i.e. 1967, our first Island Team was selected.

  • Lennox Jervier in 1982 scored 60 points in a DABA league match

    You Set It… We Break It!

    The main objective in a basketball game is to score points by putting the ball inside the basket of the opponents and to prevent the opposing team from doing the ...

  • Blazers won their 10th basketball league championship in 2009

    Basketball Clippings: 2000s

    Part I of these clippings presented for the four-year period, 2000-2003. The article concludes below.

  • Basketball Clippings: 2000s

    Earlier this year Jump Ball presented some historical information about Dominica's basketball development in the form of 'news clips'. Article No. 106 (June 2022) covered the period 1963 to the ...

  • Lady-Ballers of 7Six7 Sports Club, 2016. Photo courtesy Maggie

    Ambassadors, Pioneers & Renegades

    Part III of the article presented on teams whose names suggested that they were 'always on the move', as well as several of the miscellaneous names such as Home Boys, ...

  • Intermediate Division Prowlers of the 1980s and 1990s

    Ambassadors, Pioneers & Renegades

    Part II of the article presented teams with 'bad boy' names. The article continues below.

  • Paix Bouchers played for at least six seasons

    Ambassadors, Pioneers & Renegades

    Part I of the article presented teams which were grouped as follows: Holy Ones & Royalty; Nationalistic Ones; Professionals; and Men In Shining Armour. The article continues below.