I travel often. I meet, greet, teach and doctor a lot of people. I see the world on many different avenues of online media. I read extensively through this I am more convinced than ever that we as humans shape our world by the choices we make and how much responsibility for our life we accept.

I'm looking at global events it seems as though the world is in chaos .yet from chaos eventually or ongoing emerges. However in the world of our own life we can create peace and harmony more by choosing the "self-responsibility model. Just what does this mean? It means three things.

We are responsible for our thoughts, actions, words, and feelings about our experience s so find the good in it all.

We create our own happiness regardless of what others say or feel about us. Actually of what others think of us is none of our business. What we really think of ourselves IS our business.

We are the only person who we can totally rely on to move forward – not our partners, our parents, our friends, our family, the government or our clergy. One and only survival and that is us !

With the self-responsibility model we rationally question institutions "the corporate world or the government because they may not have our best interests in mind. We find ways to take care of the earth that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We find natural holistic ways to care for our bodies and families that increase our health n well-being. We educate ourselves by looking at all perspectives to find those that are current, authentic, holistic and loving for all concerned. We learn to forgive others and ourselves and become social exchangers. In other words we don't give power away. Stephen Covey says it is one powerful quotes" our ultimate freedom is the right proven to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us. Priceless!