The human experience is the best show going! I am fascinated by the whole enormity of it. So are many researchers. Hence studies are done to find out the inner most working of the human being. One such study I found focuses on six human needs which I find significant. Take a moment to read and answer the questions below for some insight into your own psyche.

  1. Certainty/ assurance. People want to know they can avoid pain and gain pleasure in life.
  2. Uncertainty with variety. On the other hand people need new stimuli, change and adventure of the unknown as well.
  3. Significance. Humans need to feel unique, important, special and needed.
  4. Connection and love. Humans need a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something.
  5. Growth. All of us need to feel an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding.
  6. Contribution. A sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others.

So now ask yourself: 1. Which of these six do I focus on or value the most? 2. What are the ways I met these needs (positive or negative)? 3. How can I increase my focus on growth and contribution? What are some things I can do or new experiences I can participate in?

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