One of the challenges we face as humans is living a peaceful life when all around us there seems to be chaos. Yet studies have shown that staying calm amongst crisis is a key to living longer and loving deeper. Studies have also shown there are seven things people do to stay calm. They are worthy to learn and pursue.

Staying calm is a choice that each individual makes by finding their centre whether that is done with prayer, meditation, or deep breathing. Finding a process to centre yourself to be in the NOW, or the present time is extremely beneficial.

An "attitude of gratitude" has been emphasized for many years by religious leaders to motivational speakers. The more grateful we are for what we have in our life at the present time, the calmer we can become.

Feeling rested and relieved from a good night's sleep is a strong foundation for feeling calmer throughout the day. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, sets our nerves on edge and we can become more easily immersed in drama. Do yourself a favour and get enough sleep for your individual needs.

Healthy socializing has been shown to fulfill our need to be part of something greater than just ourselves. Having a support group or network of friends we can count on, certainly helps us to feel calmer about life's speed bumps.

Whenever someone makes the comment to you about "having it all together", it is helpful to both of you to remind them we all have our moments of doubts, fear, anger, jealousy, etc. We are all a work in progress and sometimes we can lose our calm. However, those who make choices to stay centered, will bounce back from an off day more quickly than those who don't practice staying calm.

Allowing yourself "vacation days" are a way of honoring the importance of a time out. Playing is an enjoyment known by the young and the young at heart.

Technology is so pervasive in our lives these days, that it can become pervasive in a way that actually distances us from others! Those people who stay calm know how to "unplug" themselves from technology without panicking. Have a "no tech" day at least once a week to sleep longer, meditate, express gratitude, socialize or take a short vacation. You will be amazed how life can still be rich and full without constantly checking your cell phone, texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter etc. In conclusion, when we can make the choice to be calm, we contribute way more to the world than being hectic. Try it … you'll like it!

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