In this world of modern technology, cell phones are at the center of our lives. Not only do they keep us in contact with one another, but they also serve as a form of entertainment. However, there are certain habits that must be corrected with regards to the use of cell phones. For instance, some people still drive their vehicles with the other hand holding on to a cell phone. This is NOT the safest practice at all. Research has shown that 'avoiding the use of texting and driving will not only save lives, but can also save the lives of others.'

Moreover, we continue to hear in the media of the many vehicular accidents which, often times are related to texting and driving. This is a cause for concern. In an article entitled "World to Youth: Texting, Driving Don't Mix," which was published in the USA TODAY (2010), the author Larry Copeland gives a moving story of a teenage girl by the name of Mariah West who thought she was a professional in texting until that day it led to her own death.

According to the article, 'West was an extremely devoted texter. She was so good that she could text at dinner time under the table, without anyone noticing. However, the day before graduation, she decided to go to a football game and on her way decided to text one of the players she planned to see. Unfortunately, on that day while texting, she lost control of her car and died on the spot.' Oh, what a sad story indeed!

I want to reiterate that texting while driving is very dangerous and has been rated as one of the top contributors to many vehicular accidents. This habit of texting and driving is destroying lives and yet many of us do not take heed. Such a practice MUST be eradicated from our way of life. Therefore, I call on each one of us to be a little more responsible and alert especially when we are driving.