For more than two decades, Sonia Magloire-Akpa and the National Francophonie organisation were like Siamese twins- so alike and so inseparable. Members of the National Francophonie Commission on April 23, 2015 at the St Martin Primary School recognised that she has kept the Commission together for more than 20 years awarded Mrs. Magloire-Akpa for her hard work and dedication.

"I feel blessed, happy, appreciated", she said, visibly moved. "I mean it was totally unexpected, it was a really well-kept secret but I am very happy to be recognized for my efforts over the years."

Speaking at the brief award ceremony, Russell Laromol, Foreign Services Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "Miss Akpa is the most important person in Francophonie in Dominica."

Laromol added: "She performs three roles; one is the Permanent Representative of the Government and the Francophonie; second, she is the National Correspondent for Francophonie on island and she is the Director of the National Francophonie Commission."

He noted that Akpa ensures that Francophonie Month is observed every year since 1994.

"She makes it happen every year all the time and the National Francophonie Commission felt that it is appropriate in the spirit of appreciation today to show her appreciation to her for her dedication and she has been doing that since 1994," said Laromol.

Meanwhile, Sonia Magloire-Akpa recognized Sonage Coriette of the St Martin Primary School for her participation in the Mademoiselle Francophonie Pageant which was held on March 28, 2015 at the Arawak House of Culture.

Though she performed well in representing her country, Egypt, Sonage did not place in the pageant therefore, the Commission decided to award her for the hard work in the pageant.

"What we have done is identify a student who really performed well overall but who didn't necessarily place and we recognize that student at the school," said Magloire-Akpa.

She added: "One thing I noticed in all her appearances she was happy, she was having fun. We also want to recognize that spectacular presentation of the national wear of Egypt which was outstanding."

She said that in awarding the students who did not place keeps them motivated and interested.

"This year in particular the children had done exceptionally well and Sonage, in her presentation of her country, there was so much work put into it…it was really spectacular she performed well although not well enough to win but we just wanted to recognize her hard work she put into it."