Former Windward Islands Volcanoes captain Tyron Theophile took home two awards when the Dominica Cricket Association (DCA) held its prize-giving ceremony for its First Division League, sponsored by the National Cooperative Credit Union, on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

Theophile, back to the tournament after a near-fatal accident, was named the league's Most Valuable Player (MVP) with 39 wickets and 221 runs.

"I put my foot down," Theophile told DBS Radio's sports editor Garvin Richards. "I started with my left foot and followed with my right foot, and you can see the results at the end of the day."

League Champions Nagico Northern Stars received their trophy and prize of EC$8,000, and special awards were distributed to other deserving players. See photos of the top awardees.

At the prize giving, the Windwards U15 Champions were given fully packed gear bags to each player, a promise made by the Dominica Cricket Association to them, the DCA said in a release.

The major awards and awardees:

  • Champions Nagico Northern Stars

  • Runners UP: Grand Bay Colts

  • MVP: Tyron Theophile- Go Sports Tremors

  • Most Wickets: Tyron Theophile- Go Sports Tremors

  • Most Runs: Larenz Wiltshire- Nagico Northern Stars (412 runs)

  • Most Promising Youth Player- Jahson Vidal- KFC Summits

Photos courtesy Dominica Cricket Association (DCA). Photographer CKJB Photography.