Africulture Stilt Walkers on the Bayfront on Carnival Tuesday 2017
Africulture Stilt Walkers on the Bayfront on Carnival Tuesday 2017

Tall, very tall, they dance and prance among the clouds, sort of.

And we, the mere mortals, always look up to them in awe, sort of.

The Africulture Stilt Walkers (ASW) never fails to impress the judges of the Carnival Road Parade because,sort of, the adjudicators worship them-their height,their beauty and their how-do-they-do-that awesomeness.

So , there's no surprise again. The Africulture Stilt Walkers group, for the third year in a row, is the 2017 Band of the Year.

But note: the title of Band of the Year for 2016 is being disputed by the Thunderbirds band. In fact, the Thunderbirds protested by boycotting the 2017 parade. The issue remains unsettled.

Here are the 2017 Carnival Road Parade Winners that the Dominica Festivals Committee announced this morning.

1. Opening parade

Best float

1st- DASPA

2nd- National Youth Council

3rd - Springfield Trading

Flag Wavers/Cheerleaders

1st -National Bank of Dominica Flag Wavers- (NBD)

2nd -One Love Cheerleaders

3rd -Exclusive Dancers

2. Carnival Monday


Lapo Kabwit with the Largest Following at 4:00am - Delices Lapo Kabwit

Best Individual (Male): Ian Michael Anthony

Best J'ouvert Band- Friendship Crew

Longest Lapo Kabwit: Delices Lapo Kabwit

Largest Old Mas Group: Friendship Crew

Best J'ouvert Costumed Group: Lick it Right

Lapo with the Most Lavway -Newtown Lapo Kabwit

Special Prize Costumed Gang -Bollywood Bachanal

Best Theatrical Group - (Massacre Crew)

Best Creative Individual-Andy Carter

Best Sensay- Alyssa and Kayla Letang

Special Award - Foam Invasion - Jean Bwa

Old Mas Parade

Best Old Mas Band: Castle Bruce Neg Mawon

2nd place: Good Hope Black Devils

3rd place: Kalinago

Best Primary School -Costume Band

Band of the Year: Primary Schools :San Sauveur Primary

2nd Place: Pioneer Preparatory

3rd place: Roosevelt Douglas

Children's King of the Band: San Sauveur Primary School Children's Queen of the Band - Pioneer Preparatory School

Best Primary School -T-shirt

1st place: St. Martin Primary School

2nd place: St. Luke's Primary

3rd place: Massacre Primary School

Best Primary School Float of the Year

Float of the Year – San Sauveur Primary

2nd place: - St Mary's Primary

3rd place - Roosevelt Douglas Primary

Best Secondary School Float of the Year: Float of the Year - Castle Bruce Secondary

2nd place: - Goodwill Secondary.

3 Carnival Tuesday Parade

Adult Carnival Band Tuesday Parade

Adult Band of the Year: Afrikulture stilt Walkers - 'Dance a Heart Beat' and Experience (Domnik Ki Dou'

2nd place: Old-time Sake

Adult King of the Band - Afrikulture Stilt Walkers

Adult Queen of the Band - Afrikulture Stilt Walkers

Special Prize for the Largest Costume Band: Hysteria

Special prize for the Most Colourful Band: Mercury