Bishop Michael Bill Daniel was laid to rest in an official funeral at the People's Pentecostal Family Church in Goodwill on September 8, 2014.

Up until his death Bishop Daniel served as the President of Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches, Bishop of the People's Pentecostal Family Church in Goodwill, member of the Dominica Cricket Association Disciplinary Committee, a cricket commentator, Secretary Treasurer of the Dominica Softball Cricket Development Committee, Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Dominica District from 2000 to 2014 and was the recipient of a Meritorious Service Award in 2012.

Meanwhile, at the funeral Evangelical Pastor, Peter R Augustine said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is one of the country's wisest leaders and commends him for the official funeral given to Bishop Daniel.

"Sincere thanks to the Honorable Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Dominica for the kind gesture of giving to him an official funeral," said Augustine.

"Honorable Prime Minister I know that you and our Bishop were friends in life you did not fail him in sickness and you have not failed him in death. On his behalf I say a special thanks to you Sir, the Lord will reward you greatly. You are without any doubt one of the wisest Prime Ministers that have given leadership to this beloved country."

Augustine then made reference to a Bible Scripture Mathew 10:41-42 to back up his statement which speaks of the rewards derived from receiving prophets by other prophets.
He also noted that Bishop was the first evangelical minister to receive and official funeral by the State.

Furthermore, Augustine said that "He was indeed a servant of the living God," Augustine said.

"His commitment for work and the ministry was unflinching. He was a family man who cared for, loved and provided for his family. He had a quiet disposition which many misunderstood for weakness and as his friend I believe one of his greatest weaknesses, however, was his reluctance to take decisions which he thought would offend people and many took advantage of this trait. He loved and care for people, he was a generous person and most times he would give the last dollar in his pocket to someone in need."

Fellow Evangelical Pastor Jerome James also commended the Prime Minister for affording Bishop Bill Daniel and official state funeral.

The funeral was attended by President of Dominica His Excellency Charles Savarin and his wife Clara Savarin, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, members of Cabinet, Speaker of the House Alix Boyd-Knight, and members of Parliament and government officials.

He was buried at the Roseau Public Cemetery.