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  • Cuthbert Vidal, Sisserou Parrot, centre, and fruit destroyed by birds

    Those left to mourn

    This presentation is dedicated to the honour of Mr. William of Marigot, Mr. Witnel Louis of Coulibistrie and the many other farmers persecuted by parrots.

  • Letang and Pichlin village, damaged by Hurricane Maria

    Thomas Letang: "The whole face of the village was changed"

    Thomas Letang, a resident of Pichlen, a small village near Grand Bay in the south east of Dominica, was home on September 18, 2017 monitoring the progress of Hurricane Maria.

  • Pierre Charles played basketball during his youth and subsequently became Dominica's Prime Minister. Photo Courtesy: The Sun

    From the court to the platform

    It is traditional in Dominica for a politician, or some other high-ranking official, to be "involved" in the official opening ceremony of the national basketball season or a community "Off-Season" ...

  • Anthony John, board chairman (top rt); Ellingworth Edwards, Managing Director and NBD building

    NBD shines again

    In 2017 dark clouds started blowing away and slivers of sunshine began peeping through the gloom. Good news, at last. In 2017 Dominica's major financial institution, the National Bank of ...

  • MP Joseph Isaac goes to parliament

    Joseph Isaac: "History will absolve me"

    Vilified by the people who just weeks ago said they treasured him, and at once praised effusively by others who recently loathed him, Roseau Central Parliamentary Representative Joseph Isaac, dressed ...

  • Local

    New UWP candidate for Roseau Central, Soso Cuffy: "It's a ...

    Glenroy "Soso" Cuffy has always been in the background pushing other people forward; now his time has come to be pushed by his supporters and friends. Cuffy has been nominated ...

  • Galvanize in a heap at the Pottersville Savanah

    New export: Maria's galvanize

    There are heaps of galvanize all over Dominica and government says it will be removed before the new hurricane season

  • Black and White photo of Sapphire Carrington

    Dominicans want their airport solution now

    Probably, all Dominicans are happy to hear that the Government is setting money aside to build an international airport. To be honest, I would be happy as well. But I'm ...

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