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  • Gershon Baron and Nadora Williams

    Pointe Michel's pain

    That dreadful night of September 18, 2017 will long be etched in the minds of all Dominicans. But the people from the southern village of Pointe Michel, where Hurricane Maria ...

  • Arden Alphonso Etienne

    ALPHONSO "BÉDO" ETIENNE: Was Solid As A Rock!

    (N.B. This piece was written before Hurricane Maria destroyed Fanso's bar)

  • Danelson Mahautiere

    Dreams of Gold

    Danelson Mahautiere. His name alone tells you that this guy is "different". There are not many 17 year-olds in Dominica who are as focused on achieving their goals as Mahautiere ...

  • Pottersville in Goodwill one day after Maria

    Praying for Togetherness

    The fury of Hurricane Maria, one of the most dangerous storms ever experienced; the damage, the destruction, the devastation, the homelessness and hopelessness, all lead to independence celebrations the likes ...

  • Dr. William "Para" Riviere

    Are we a nation?

    [The following is taken from the concluding chapter of a just-completed book entitled Conversations on Nation-Building].

  • NCCU president Dublin presents scholarship

    New post for Dublin

    Josephine Dublin, the recently retired principal of the Convent High School (CHS) is the first superintendent of all Catholic schools in Dominica. There are nine Catholic schools here-four secondary and ...

  • Herbert Thomas (L) retired basketballer and Economics Lecturer, with George Daniel (sitting) and Osborne (footballer); late 1960s-early 1970s

    The real doctors in Dominica's basketball

    By Arlington James

  • Phillip, Webb and Michele- some members of Music a Nou All Stars

    MIZIK A Nou All-Stars to Make WCMF 2017 Appearance

    They are among the leading lights of Dominica's music – Cornell Phillip, Michele Henderson, Elijah Benoit, Martindale Olive, Carlyn XP and Webster Marie- and they are combining to form the ...

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