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  • Sun's Person of the Year 2018 , Curtis Matthew at his desk

    "For the entire day I think of news"

    When Curtis Matthew wakes up in the morning the first thing he does is say a prayer, seeking guidance and protection, and happiness for everyone.

  • Rome ruled on the Father Eustace Thomas allegations in 2018

    Rome rules on Father Thomas

    Bishop of Roseau His Lordship Gabriel Malzaire says he is "relieved" that Rome has issued its findings and recommendations into allegations of alleged sexual misconduct against Catholic priest Monsignor Eustace ...

  • Anchorage and Evergreen Hotels at Castle Comfort  have not been repaired after Hurricane Maria

    Business in 2018

    After the destruction of Dominica by the 2017 Hurricane Maria, businesses in Dominica continued to struggle, really, really fight for survival, in 2018.

  • Police prepare to dispense tear gas at crowd new Gas Station

    Law and Disorder in 2018

    Murder in broad daylight on a busy street in Roseau; unexplained delays in the opening of the High Court more than a year after Hurricane Maria; and sue, sue, sue- ...

  • Court and Politics: Protests in Roseau as Lennox Linton goes to court in 2018

    Politics in 2018

    Politics, as in other years, dominated discussions in Dominica in 2018. It was on the menu everywhere; it was available anytime-morning, noon and after dinner; it was the blood that ...

  • National Pride at an OECS Cycling Competition: Some Members of the Dominica Team

    Sports in 2018

    Sports associations had their programmes, some, terminally halted after the event of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. In spite of having to curtail some of its activities, the Sports Division ...

  • Goodbye Ross. In 2018 Ross University School of Medicine leaves Dominica for Barbados

    The Economy in 2018

    Battered by decades of anemic growth made worse by Hurricane Maria in 2017, Dominica's economy in 2018 was knocked to the canvas with a sucker punch that was the departure ...

  • SMA had its first female principal in 2018: Joseph-Jno Baptiste

    Who celebrated in 2018

    * Dr. Roosevelt "Roosie" Panthier and Angelic "Angie" Depooter got married on August 3, 2018 at the Cathedral Chapel of Our Lady of Fair Haven after, they told The Sun, ...

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