CIBC First Caribbean has made two recent donations to deserving organisations. Last Wednesday CIBC First Caribbean made a donation of Ec$3000 to the National AIDS Response Unit for scholarships to persons affected with HIV/AIDS.

Earlier the bank made contributions to 10 schools participating in the CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank's Students Taking Environmental Preservation Seriously (STEPS) project; these schools are now in a better position to either star or continue the their project. The schools were each given a cheque of EC$400 to go towards work on their individual project.

The STEPS project was launched on January 25, 2013. Ms. Kim Simon-Gardier, the bank's Client Services Officer in presenting the cheques said that the bank was pleased to participate in such an activity which will help in sustain the environment. She disclosed that the judging panel will make periodic visits to the schools and that an overall winner will be announced towards the end of the school year.

The schools were again reminded of some of the activities that can be undertaken under the project such as school gardening, beautification of school surroundings, production of school magazines, debates on topics dealing with the environment, creating craft items out of waste material, among others. The principals all thanked CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank for its initiative and said that the money now given is going to assist the schools in their projects. Most of the schools disclosed that they had already started implementing activities linked to the environment.

The ten primary schools participating are St. Luke's, Dos Dane, Laudat, Morne Jaune, Campbell, Paix Bouche, Morne Prosper, San Sauveur, Atkinson and Thibaud. The winning school will get a prize of $4000. CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank is hoping to make this an annual competition.