Jamila Alleyne,left, and Joyette Morgan
Jamila Alleyne,left, and Joyette Morgan

Despite the Government of Dominica's failure to pay its debt to the Trinidad-based Hugh Wooding Law School, two Dominican students who graduated recently were called to the Bar on Friday, December 19, 2014.

Dreams almost became nightmares when the young lawyers found out that just before graduation that Government had not paid a TT$65,000 (EC$27,722.05) fee per student.

Joyette Morgan, a police officer, said being called to the Bar was long overdue and she was able endure the harsh period with the support of her family.

"I can't even find the words to describe how I feel. I just feel alive and happy. It was overwhelming, it was a bit of a frustration but eventually things worked out for me and I am grateful, that it did," she said.

Additionally, Jamila Alleyne, the daughter of Attorney-at-law Peter Alleyne and niece of former Chief Justice Sir Brian Alleyne, is the third generation Alleyne to be admitted to the Bar.

"It's an overwhelming feeling; I started pursuing my undergraduate studies at the age of 20; in between I stopped, I worked, I was waiting to go to Hugh Wooding Law School. I did my Masters; so now that I am finally finished it has been roughly ten years, so I am overwhelmed," said Alleyne.

She added: "The Friday before our exams we got an email informing us of regulation…the regulation basically said if our country had fees outstanding for more than 12 months we will not be able to graduate or receive our L.E.C without the outstanding arrears being paid."

"We tried to communicate with the school; we tried to communicate with our Government to figure out what arrangements can be made and nothing could have been worked out up to this point," said Alleyne.

"So we decided to source the funds ourselves each of us had to go to various institutions and family members and friends to gather the funds to pay off the arrears and receive our L.E.C from the Law School" she said.
Unfortunately, Alleyne's loan was not approved and therefore she borrowed the funds from her family.

Alleyne is currently employed at Heather Felix Evans Chambers.

Meanwhile, Ann Riviere who also endured financial constraints at the Hugh Wooding Law School was admitted to the Bar on December 12, 2014 and is employed at Harris and Harris Chambers.